Proporta launches Proporta Smart – a truly Eco range of Mobile & iPad Accessories

Eco logic. Smart design.

Proporta announces the launch of its first, truly eco friendly range of mobile accessories. Beautifully designed and made from sustainable bamboo, recycled leather and hessian, the range is set to revolutionise
the type of materials we use for protecting our gadgets.

The ingeniously designed Recycled Leather Case with Bamboo Screen Protection not only protects your handheld device from knocks and bumps, but the bamboo plate “packaging” doubles up as your screen shield by simply sliding into the top of your case. Meanwhile the pouch style options come in recycled leather or hessian and feature a striking green flash design. They too offer protection with the bamboo plate.

The team at Proporta has been quick off the mark to extend the range to the new iPad with a Recycled Leather Case complete with natural hessian lining and natural cotton stitching available in the range too.

Bamboo was chosen due to its tensile strength of 28000 psi – almost 20% stronger than steel. It is also a rather quick grower and can shoot up to 60 cms in one day. An amazing material – it’s natural, sustainable and, as it grows, it actually removes carbon from the atmosphere, locking it away. Once bamboo reaches maturity it has to be harvested to encourage more to grow and Proporta only uses sustainable bamboo which is ready to be harvested.

Guy Monson, joint founder of Proporta is really proud that the team have managed to make a new product range that looks good and is truly eco friendly,

“In early 2008, we decided that we wanted to do more than simply pay money to offset carbon emissions and rename products “green”. Ever since then we’ve been conducting extensive research on how we can run our business in a more sustainable manner – looking at every aspect, from the drawing board to the manufacturing and supply chain. Proporta Smart is the culmination of this and we hope we shall be able to adapt some of the best features from the range into the rest of our products”.

Although Guy and the Proporta team are passionate eco geeks they also realise that this is just the beginning of the eco journey, “We’re very aware that Proporta Smart is Proporta’s first step in the direction of sustainably produced products, and we know we have a long way to go until we are truly 100% green. But, we’re really excited about the opportunities Proporta Smart has already given us in terms of improving products and reducing our environmental footprint.”

Product Information:
The Proporta Smart range is available to purchase online from priced at:
£29.95 for the Recycled Leather Case with Bamboo Screen Protection, £19.95 for either of the pouches and £34.95 for the Recycled Leather Case for iPad

The Recycled Leather Case with bamboo screen protection is available for Apple 2G iPod touch, Apple 5G iPod nano, Apple 2G iPod classic, Apple iPhone 3G S, Blackberry Bold 2 & HTC Desire.

The Recycled Leather & Hessian Pouches with bamboo screen protection will fit any Smartphone measuring 65x120x15mm.

Don’t forget to check out the video of where it all began or at

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