Proporta January Round Up

Hello and welcome to what I hope is the first of our monthly industry
updates. I get literally dozens of magazines every month and in these
updates I will be selecting the highlights and interesting tit-bits which
may come in useful.

Next iPad Killer…

If I have seen this term once then, it has appeared in every magazine. The
honest truth seems to be that the iPad still remains king and slayer of all
that come to challenge. The market place is littered with the bloody shells
of discontinued and updated tablets from all sorts of well renowned
manufacturers, and at CES alone this year there were nearly 100 on show. In
every test and review this month the iPad remains triumphant winning Best
Buy in BBC Focus magazine and even managing a five star rating in an
article on the Android Tablets in Stuff magazine, which is quite impressive
when the iPad doesn’t even run the Android operating system.

However, the next serious contender seems to be the Motorola Xoom which won
CNET Best in Show at CES in Las Vegas (Apple was not there by the way).
Being the first tablet with a dual core processor and running the Android
3, Honeycomb operating system, Could this be the one?

Smartphone Round Up

HTC seem to be storming the market. Stuff magazine featured three HTC
models (Desire HD, HD7 and Legend) in their top five Smartphone review. The
number one slot was of course taken by the iPhone 4 which in true Stuff
fashion was described as “Slimmer, sexier and smarter than the rest”
and I would not be surprised if they airbrushed the image and photographed
it on the beach wearing a Bikini.
Other coverage of note focused on the Nokia N8 which seems to have a solid
following and the Blackberry Torch 9800. The one to watch seems to be the
LG Optimus 2X, which is getting some serious reviews, but is not out until
later this year.

Let’s talk Media

Apple continues to dominate with all the iPod models getting wide coverage
and rave reviews. The only outsider of note seems to be Cowon which have
two models gaining coverage, the J3 and the large screened X7. The J3 won a
coveted best buy in Which magazine and many reviewers see the X7 as the
Anti-iPod. As such it could gain significant market share if the hype

Last, but not least the return of the Palm…

Let us not forget the Palm is the bed rock of our company and the device to
which we all owe our jobs. Introducing the Palm Pre 2, there will of course
be the die-hard fans, but this is little more than an accessorised Palm Pre
Plus a sort of pimp my Palm if you will. The operating system is as smooth
as silk, but the hardware features lag behind its competitors. So close,
yet so far. Better luck next time.

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