Proporta get a face lift

It’s been a while (an awful, awful long while) since Proporta last overhauled their website, but we recently undertook the gargantuan task of giving our website a much needed makeover. Sam and James worked around the clock to get everything ready for launch day, and Lynnette toiled over every last detail to make sure the site looked it’s best on D-day. The rest of us escaped to do a spot of paintballing (aiming at the directors was a high priority), and the others managed to join us at our Christmas party (rather red eyed and many hours, blood, sweat and tears later), and the new-look website emerged.

Take a moment to browse the huge range of products and admire the new layout and logo – you may also come across the few surprises we”ve also thrown in for good measure.

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2 Responses to “Proporta get a face lift”

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