Pocket Power to the rescue

Have you seen the latest addition to Proporta’s TurboCharger family? Introducing the Pocket Power for those last-minute urgent calls when you don’t have enough battery juice.

Have you ever had that crushing moment of realisation that your battery is about to die on you when you need to make an urgent call or send a quick text? No need to worry anymore, when you have the Pocket Power emergency charger for smartphones and other mobile gadgets.


TurboCharger Pocket PowerTurboCharger Pocket Power

TurboCharger Pocket Power – £12.95
At just 7mm in width, you won’t even notice you’ve got all that power in your pocket, as explained by Proporta’s Head of Product, Lynnette Prigmore: “Offering Pocket Power to our customers is the natural next step given the long-term popularity of our TurboCharger range. Perfect for that last-train-home phone call or when you’ve lost your mates at a festival and need an extra boost… and it slides easily into your wallet or purse too so you won’t notice you’ve got it until you really need it.”

Power Wallet Bundle – £22.95
The TurboCharger Pocket Power is now also available together with the latest leather wallet from Proporta and is compatible with iPhone, iPod, Samsung & HTC devices as well as numerous other similar mobile gadgets.

Proporta Pocket Power Wallet BundleProporta Pocket Power Wallet Bundle

Pocket Power Tech Specs
– Dimensions: 90 x 54 x 7mm
– 680 mAh capacity
– LED lighting to indicate amount of charge left
– Charge a range of devices with Micro USB, including Apple mobile devices via an iPod/iPhone connector.

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