Proporta celebrate Darwin Day

Some of us in the office are big fans of Charles Darwin and are set to celebrate his 200th birthday alongside many other enthusiasts. Graham has designed some (very, very) limited edition products – a Darwin200 iPhone 3G – Alu-Leather Case and a Darwin200 Leather Memory Wallet Read More

Happy birthday Mr Bell

Inventor Alexander Graham Bell turns the grand old age of 162 on the 3rd of March. Bell was the clever fella who invented the world’s first fully functioning telephone, therefore Proporta owe quite a lot to this guy (we wouldn’t be here without him). It’s pretty amazing to look back over the years and see […] Read More

The Proporta office gets that little bit more musical

With our ears permanently fixed to the ground on the latest gadgets to hit the market, Max’s birthday brought with it the pinnacle of musical technology… Read More

Proporta enjoy their first snow day

No one can honestly say that they don’t get excited by the snow. It brings out the inner child in everyone. Which was certainly the case when the majority of Proporta employees woke up yesterday morning to see Brighton covered in a blanket of the white stuff. Lynnette brought us all the wonderful news that […] Read More

Do you need Mail Goggles?

Ever regretted sending a drunken message after a few too many? Mail Goggles is a brand new programme that uses Gmail to intercept e-mails sent after a certain time at night. It poses the question: “Are you sure you want to send this?” and then continues to ask you five mathematical questions to ascertain just […] Read More

Dork Talk

Proporta is a big fan of Stephen Fry and so were overjoyed (and a little starstruck to be quite honest) when he received the goodies we sent him and kindly responded to Hannah with an email to say thank you. Seeing “Stephen Fry” pop up in your inbox doesn’t happen every day and was a lovely […] Read More

The world’s cheapest iPod stand

At Proporta we look at most things with the thought of making people’s lives a bit easier… That’s how Guy (one of the bigwigs) came up with the Magnetic Cable Tidy after weeks spent untangling his headphones fifty times a day, and how Diego (in Sales) came up with the Stereo Y Splitter Cable after […] Read More

Do you remember your first Nokia?

There are many weird and wonderful videos lurking on YouTube, but this particular video amused us all at Proporta. Cast your mind back to your old Nokia (ah yes, the hours we used to waste playing snake), and you’ll remember the extremely irritating ringtones they came with. Obviously not everyone found these ringtones as annoying […] Read More

Keeping healthy doesn’t have to be a chore

Most of us at Proporta like to be healthy (Gary and JP are always at the gym, and you can find Hannah in the local pool most nights – no stalkers please), so we thought we’d share some tips with you on what motivates us to stay in shape, just in case you’re interested… “I […] Read More

Take a peek at Proporta’s home turf

Just in case you’ve ever wondered what the inside of the Proporta office looks like, here are a few pics. Pattie (left) and Marta (right) – two key members of the customer services/marketing team: Some more of the office, David (left back) and Will (right back) from the geekery department, and Marta G (front centre) […] Read More

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