Small Talk

A new iPod shuffle has joined the ever-growing Apple family, and this one can even talk to you. It’s crazily small – half the size of the previous generation – and yet there’s even more room for your tunes. This little fella has 4GB of storage and holds up to 1000 songs, and on top […] Read More

Proporta get ready for Red Nose Day

Friday the 13th of March (hopefully not unlucky this time round) is the date for this year’s Red Nose Day. This is one of the biggest fundraising events in the UK calendar, with the 11 Red Nose Days since 1985 making over £420m for a huge number of vital projects both in Britain and abroad. […] Read More

Plug in baby

March is the month that sees the anniversary of the birth of the world’s first MP3 Player. It’s bizarre to cast your mind back to a time before they existed (for the younger generations at least), and even weirder to think it was only 11 years ago. But the first commercially available personal MP3 player […] Read More

Daffodils for David

The 1st of March is St. David’s Day, the day when the Welsh pin on daffodils (or leeks) to honour their patron saint. Like St Patrick’s Day in Ireland, this is a day of national importance, and in recent years there have been campaigns to make it a bank holiday across the country, and celebrations […] Read More

Will you be our friend?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, you’ve probably heard of (and lost many hours to) the social networking site Facebook. Having started as an internet craze, Facebook is now one of the most well established social networking sites on the web and has made keeping in touch with […] Read More

Frying pans at the ready

Whether you like yours sweet or savoury, we’re sure you love Shrove Tuesday (also known as Pancake Day) just as much as everyone at Proporta – we’ve been swapping ideas for toppings all day (Debbie opts for mushrooms, Natalie for sugar and lemon). Shrove Tuesday is the day before the Christian tradition of Lent begins, […] Read More

Proporta saved my iPhone

A customer recently got in touch to share his great story… “I just wanted to thank you so much! Yesterday in a typical hurry I left my job to go home and I was thinking about my kids, dinner and my wife ;), etc. I put my iPhone on the roof of my car (I […] Read More

Some useful tips and tricks from Proporta

Did you know… If you’re like most of the team at Proporta and use your mobile phone as your alarm clock, your alarm will still work even if your phone is switched off. Goodbye midnight texts from mates who should know better. Hello snooze button. There’s often no need to spend your money on “Simcard […] Read More

Musings on the latest iPhone rumours…

We always keep ours ears firmly to the ground when it comes to the rumours circulating about the latest iPhone offerings from Apple, and we imagine you’ll be as interested to read about the possibility of a new member to the Apple family as we are. Reports suggest that Apple is thinking of releasing one, […] Read More

Proporta say hello to the Kindle 2

Amazon has finally announced that the much-anticipated Kindle 2 will be available to buy from the 24th of February for $359.The Kindle 2 is fairly similar to it’s younger brother and looks much the same – it’s slightly more rounded, but still white and with the same basic screen. But some of the smaller buttons […] Read More

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