New phone roundup – Sony, LG and Samsung show off gadgets

One great thing about the mobile sector  – or one bad thing, depending on your point of view – is it’s never standing still. No sooner have you got used to all the bells and whistles on your latest shiny handset, then there’s a bigger, better version calling out for your attention.

And the last couple of weeks have seen a number of new devices unveiled for the first time, with big names such as Sony and Samsung launching gadgets they’ll be hoping will shake up the sector.

So we’ve put together a quick roundup of some of the new devices launched, leaked and expected in the last couple of weeks.


A new system – Samsung Z

In amongst the procession of new Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices, Samsung’s latest handset stands out from the crowd, as it offers something a bit different for those who are with Google or Apple’s offerings. The Samsung Z is the first phone to run on the company’s own Tizen platform.

The device promises to offer users a simple-to-use and distinctive layout, with easy access to favourite apps and features. It also claims to provide fast performance for gaming and web browsing.

Whether it’ll be enough to convince people to ditch their Android or Apple device remains to be seen, but clearly Samung is hoing it will be a success and a new ecosystem will free it from being shackled to Google’s operating system.

Thinner than ever – Sony Xperia T3

Another major firm showing off its latest device recently was Sony, which unveiled its new Xperia T3 – said to be the world’s thinnest 5.3-inch smartphone. And at just 7mm thick and weighing in at only 148 grams, it’s certainly a slim gadget, perfect for carrying around comfortably in a pocket.

But its not all about the design. The Xperia T3 has also been designed with the snap-happy in mind. It’s packed with Cyber-shot camera technology and offers an 8MP camera featuring Exmor RS for mobile, allowing users to take exceptional pictures even in challenging lighting conditions.

A bundle of camera apps also help budding photographers get creative, such as timeburst features, creative effects and retouching tools for portrait. Users can also use social options to share their moments as they happen via Facebook.

Laser-sharp photo shooting – LG G3

But the Sony isn’t the only new option for photo fans, as LG is also looking to appeal to snappers with its new flagship G3. Among its highlights is a new laser-based auto focus, which the firm claims lets users take “stunningly sharp images” in just a fraction of the time that traditional cameras would need to get the shot looking right.

The function works by sending out a low-powered laser beam that lets the device measure its distance from the photo’s subject more accurately than standard methods. LG says it can focus an image in just 0.276 of a second – faster than the time it would take for a human’s brain to send a signal to their hand.

Other features of the device include a 5.5-inch quad-HD display, a lightweight and stylish metallic design and a simplifying user interface that should make using the device even more enjoyable, LG said.

Something yet to come – the Amazon phone

Though no official confirmation has yet been given, the much-rumoured Amazon smartphone is set to be unveiled for the first time later this month. The online retail giant has announced a mystery event for June 18th and, while it’s keeping its cards close to its chest, it’s expected the launch will officially unveil a smartphone for the first time.

Theres no word yet on what it will look like or what its specs will be, but the rumour mill is suggesting a 4.7-inch screen is likely to be included, while 3D capabilities could also be a big selling point.

Given Amazon’s previous success with its Kindle Fire range of tablets, you can also expect close integration with the firm’s digital entertainment offering such as ebooks and Amazon Prime Instant Video, while the smart money is on an affordable, high-spec device like Google’s Nexus 5 of the LG G2.

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