New iPod touch and nano revealed by Apple

It wasn’t just the iPhone 5 that was announced by Apple at their press event in California. There are now two brand new iPod models available: a new iPod nano 7G and a brand new iPod touch, both available in a multitude of colours, as well as new colours available for iPod Shuffle.

Head of Product at Proporta, Lynnette Prigmore, expressed her excitement for the new range of iPods: “With the new iPod nano finally making a reappearance to our shelves and the new iPod shuffle getting a small makeover, we’ve been working around the clock to get new designs ready to launch on our website and to our retail partners. Being one of the only accessories manufacturers to cover all of the Apple family, this is a very big launch for Proporta… It’s now that the fun starts. The iPod touch has impressed; a panoramic camera feature, 1080p video camera, Siri and the A5 chip from the previous iPhone 4S, Apple continues to dominate the MP3 player market so much so now that even that term seems to have become defunct.”

New iPod nano 7G Features

Larger display multi-touch screen – 2.5-inch

7 colours

‘Lightning’ connector

Widescreen video


Longest battery life – 30 hours


5G iPod touch Features
– due in October

6.1mm thin

Headphone jack on the bottom

Retina display

A5 Chip

Improved graphics for game-play


Widescreen video

iSight Camera: 5 megapixels, autofocus, flash, Sapphore lens, camera strap can be attached

1080p HD video camera, video editing, FaceTime



iPod shuffle

New colours now available for the iPod shuffle

Brand new earphones were also announced, appropriately called EarPods which have been engineered through scanning hundreds of ears.

iPod touch loop
A wristlet loop that attaches to the new iPod touch.

New iTunes
A brand new version of iTunes has been announced too, with plenty of new features, namely its Facebook integration.

We look forward to finding out more about the new iPod nano and iPod touch range, as well as the brand new iPhone 5. In the meantime, Proporta remains one of the only accessories companies to provide protective cases and accessories for all Apple products.

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