My life with the Google Nexus 7

Stephanie, from our Marketing Team, shares her experience of the Google Nexus 7 with us all in this quick blog post…

Google Nexus 7

When I was given a Google Nexus 7 tablet for Christmas I was in pure shock. I have to say that my touchscreen skills are not the best so I was a bit scared when I saw this cute 7-inch mini tablet in my hands.

Now I have been using it for nearly four weeks and I have to say that it has changed my life completely, here is why …

It fits in most of my handbags and even in some of my coat pockets so it’s very easy to carry around with me. The best thing really is that I can hold it in one hand as it’s so light, much lighter than the Kindle Fire.

Apps can be downloaded within seconds and with Google Maps you have the ability to save offline maps to your device whilst staying connected within the Google cloud.

Oh yes and my nightmare of touchscreen displays was ungrounded as this display is the most responsive one I’ve ever seen or used.

I wouldn’t use it as a camera anyway but it only has a front facing camera and the photo quality is not the best. It’s also not the best when writing very long documents or emails, might be better to use a laptop or computer to do that.

Life changing?
Yes! I am using my Google Nexus 7 for nearly everything now: Banking, recipes, BBC iPlayer, eBooks, games, emails, Skype and browsing.  Just unfortunate that I can’t use it as a phone 🙂

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