Musings on the latest iPhone rumours…

We always keep ours ears firmly to the ground when it comes to the rumours circulating about the latest iPhone offerings from Apple, and we imagine you’ll be as interested to read about the possibility of a new member to the Apple family as we are.

Reports suggest that Apple is thinking of releasing one, two or three variants of the iPhone 3G. The first of which (closest to the current model) is an iPhone with an impressive 32GB capacity, which will be available in more colours than the standard white or black. Our thoughts are that we can expect to see red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple join the current monochromatic range.

Some images have been leaked (as usual these are yet to be verified as official), which depict an iPhone with a different serial number to what is currently available. These pictures also suggest that Apple have opted for a matt finish to the back of the ‘new’ iPhone (rather than the traditional gloss finish we’re used to), which may be a smart move as we’re all quite aware of how easily the current iPhone can slip out of the hand and is easily marked by finger prints.


The second ‘new iPhone’ is an iPhone with 2G (rather than 3G) technologies, which offers a cheaper model of the popular device for the Chinese and Indian markets. Many have criticised the downgrade to 2G, and early reports also suggest that the 2G iPhone will lose GPS and have a camera with a lower resolution. It’s safe to say the Jury’s still out on this one…

The final rumoured model, which is subject to much speculation and has been popping on and off blogs quicker than you can say “give me back my click wheel”, is the iPhone nano. Rumoured to be a third smaller in size and 40% cheaper than the current iPhone, some a little more confident than those in the know predict that this’ll hit shops by the summer and be a snip at $99.

Well I guess we’ll just have to wait and see won’t we?

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