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Proporta designer, Graham, explains where and how Proporta get inspiration for the products they design
Anything can give us inspiration from the hassles of furniture shopping with my better half we got the Maya Gold, and don’t ask why a trip to Turkey gave us the laptop sleeve.. to Monson breaking his Psion in the early days and making sure that no one would ever do the same. As well as ideas which our designers’ seemingly conjure from thin air, the design process can also be triggered by a series of events. These include rumours we receive about upcoming device launches, other people’s visions which we help to make a reality, and endless cut outs from magazines littered around the office.


Each process has its own set of challenges and problems which we have to overcome before the product is ready and available on the shelf. Cost and material choice are two important challenges which necessitate an astute knowledge and retail experience to make sure that we’re competitive. Getting into the head of our target market has also become increasingly challenging. Everyone from an 8 year old girl, to a 60 year old man could be a potential Proporta customer who we need to appeal to.

Working within Proporta, we look extensively at upcoming fashion developments and have a network that helps us to see what trends are heading our way months before they hit the catwalks. We also like to take advantage of magazines (which gives the boys a convenient excuse to claim that his infatuation with the girls from Cosmo is purely for “research”), brochures, online shops and our own general interest in all things shiny and weird. All of these can inspire new colour ranges, materials and graphic ideas, which help us to brainstorm and put together a product range, website, adverts and packaging that make us all proud. We don’t just say it to blow our own trumpets… we really do believe that Proporta cases are the best around.

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