Kindle confusion – how to tell which Kindle I have and the right Kindle cover to buy to protect my Kindle

Here at Proporta we know how difficult it can be to find out exactly which Kindle you have and after doing a bit of research online we realised that we’re not the only ones. As beautiful as they are, they can also be fragile (Lynnette trod on hers while she was wearing heels and managed to crack the screen), so we’ve come up with a brief description of each Kindle to help you work out which one you have and the best way to protect it.

Kindle (also known as Kindle 4)

The distinguishing features of a ‘Kindle’ are a 6″ screen (as measured from top left corner to bottom right corner) with wi-fi and E Ink Display and five-way control button. Dimensionally-speaking this Kindle is quite similar in size to the Amazon Kindle Touch, but does not have a touch-screen. Also referred to as Kindle 4 because this is the 4th generation of Kindle, this e-reader is available internationally.

Amazon Kindle 4 case - Mizu Shell

Recommended protective Kindle cover:
The best Amazon Kindle 4 Cover would be the Proporta Mizu Shell. This is a super tough silicone style cover that fits your Amazon Kindle 4 like a glove and offers robust protection against impact damage, scratching and knocks. It’s as stylish as it is strong, and gives you the chance to look after your Amazon Kindle 4 without spoiling its beautiful looks. Clever cut outs mean that you can use your Kindle in its case without ever needing to take it out.

Kindle Keyboard and Kindle Keyboard 3G (also known as Kindle 3)

As the name suggests, the distinguishing features between this and a straightforward Kindle are the fact it has a keyboard! This model is sometimes referred to as of Kindle 3 as it’s the 3rd generation of Kindles, and is available with or without 3G and is currently available via Amazon UK and

Ted Baker Amazon Kindle Keyboard Case

Recommended Kindle case:
The best Kindle cover would be the Ted Baker Amazon Kindle Keyboard cover,
from Ted Baker and Proporta. The Ted Baker Cover gives your Kindle superior protection, and the upper hand in the fashion stakes. Brains as well as brawn, trust Ted (and Proporta) to keep your Amazon Kindle Keyboard safe from any knocks and bumps caused by everyday use. Available in two styles.

Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G

Distinguishing features: This is the only Kindle currently that is touch screen (which makes the Proporta Touch-Screen Gloves an ideal accessory). This also has a 6″ screen and comes with wi-fi and E Ink Display. The Amazon Kindle Touch is available with or without 3G and is currently only available in the USA.

Amazon Kindle Touch / Kindle 4 Case - BeachBuoy Waterproof

Recommended protective Kindle Touch cover:
The best Kindle Touch cover is the Proporta BeachBuoy, a 100% Waterproof Case that means you can take your Kindle in the bath! It is waterproof up to 5 metres (16ft) and is easy to seal and has a transparent front and back, which allows full operation of your Amazon Kindle Touch / Kindle 4. Ideal for travel and holidays, includes neck strap.

Kindle Fire

Distinguishing features: A 7″ screen (bigger than the other Kindles) and wi-fi. The Amazon Kindle fire is currently only available in the USA.

Amazon Kindle Fire Leather Style Cover

Recommended Kindle Fire cover:
The best Amazon Kindle Fire cover is the Proporta Leather Style Cover,  ensuring your Kindle Fire remains safe and sound when not in use and easily accessible ready for when you need it the most. Crafted from the finest quality alternative to leather and boasting a luxurious protective lining, this Kindle Fire cover keeps it safe and sound from knocks and bumps.

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