iPhone Wristlet Guide

The iPhone wristlet has certainly been making an impact recently with the way we all protect our phones changing greatly. Gone are the days of iPhone 4S cases being all about function and nothing about style. The success of the iPhone 4 wristlet just proves that accessorising with fashion in mind has become the norm when protecting smartphones. In this quick guide, we’ll show you some of our favourite iPhone wristlet options so you can step out with your smartphone and keep up with the trends.

Lalita iPhone Wristlet
Lalita iPhone 4S wristlet

As iPhone 4S cases go, it is fair to say that this is one that does not conform to the old-fashioned notion that a phone case must only be functional. This vintage style iPhone 4S wristlet is comes in a range of cheery colours and is made from high quality leather for the ultimate in high end phone protection. The iPhone wristlet attached means you can always be sure that when you’re showing your case off, it is securely wrapped around your wrist and won’t be going anywhere. Plus, this iPhone 4S case boasts a holding pouch that lets you charge up your phone while it’s still inside.

Ted Baker iPhone 4S Wristlet

Ted Baker iPhone 4S Wristlet

Available in glossy black or white, these Ted Baker iPhone 4S cases provide fashionistas with a chic purse style iPhone 4 case. With a branded pop stud and classically sophisticated design, this iPhone wristlet has a detachable wrist strap as well as plenty of space for cards and notes.

Kenzo iPhone 4S Wristlet

Kenzo iPhone 4S Leather case - Tokyo Red
Perfect for a night out, this Kenzo iPhone 4S case is just what you need for fantastic protection that just oozes class and luxury. This Kenzo iPhone wristlet brought to you by Proporta includes a magnetic closure system and that trust wrist strap to make sure you can hold onto your phone.

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