iPhone Voted the Coolest Brand in Britain

It might not surprise you to learn that the Apple iPhone has been voted the coolest, and most desirable brand in Britain. After all, it seems that you can’t move without seeing one, hearing about the latest app, or having to listen to someone wax lyrical about how beautiful they are. And with Orange breaking the O2 stranglehold and announcing that they will be selling the iPhone from later on this year, they’re only going to get more popular.


Slightly more surprising, to Proporta at least, is the fact that Aston Martin has topped the list for the last 4 years, and still remains in second place. James Bond (or maybe just Daniel Craig) clearly has a lot to answer for…


The rest of the top 10 is dominated by technology, with Apple, the iPod, Nintendo, YouTube, Blackberry, Google and Bang & Olufsen taking up the remaining spots, with the Playstation 3 and the Xbox at 11 & 12. Clearly the recession isn’t stopping anyone wanting the latest and best in gizmos and gadgets, or maybe we’re all just battening down the hatches and staying indoors until things look brighter…

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