iPhone 4S waterproof phone case favourites

Whether you’re going on a beach holiday or are a keen watersports enthusiast, protecting your iPhone from water damage is essential. Not using waterproof cases when you’re around any wet environment could be a grave mistake. Check out our favourite iPhone 4S waterproof phone case choices that will ensure a dunk in the pool won’t spoil your £500 pride and glory and keep it bone dry.


1. Amphibian Waterproof iPhone Case – keep it nice and dry and still use your phone while submerged

2. BeachBuoy Bike Mount – for protection against water, dust and dirt whilst cycling

3. Roxy BeachBuoy Waterproof iPhone 4S Case – protection against water damage with fashion brand Roxy

4. Aquapac Waterproof iPhone 4S Case – another great option in ensuring your iPhone is in a wet free zone

Find all these waterproof phone case options at Proporta.

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