iPhone 4S cases and accessories to take on holiday

Picking iPhone 4S cases for different circumstances and situations is very important to ensure that your phone remains protected and looking great no matter what you’re doing or where you are. For that reason, when you write your holiday packing list it’s vital that you include iPhone 4S case as one of the priority items. But what sort of cover will be suitable to your time away? Whether you need an iPhone 4S waterproof case or something purely for its look, find out the best iPhone 4S cases Proporta has to offer for all sorts of jollies.

Beach Getaways
iPhone 4S Waterproof Case – Proporta BeachBuoy

iPhone 4S case - BeachBuoy<br />

If you’re looking to escape the dreary weather and head for sunnier climes, the chances are you’ll be by the sea or at least poolside. Make sure you protect your smartphone from sleeping with the fishes, or even getting damaged from a splash with the BeachBuoy, Proporta’s iPhone 4S waterproof case. 100% waterproof in up to 5 metres of water, you can relax by the water without worrying.

City Breaks
iPhone 4S Power Case

iPhone 4S case - Power
The Power case is ideal for anyone looking to sightsee and get the most out of their phone on long days out. This iPhone 4S case protects and recharges your phone at the same time, making sure that you don’t have to run out of battery when you’re out and about in the local town or exploring ’til it’s dark.

BeachBuoy BikeMount

iPhone 4S case - BeachBuoy BikeMount

If you love nothing but action packed trips and adrenalin fuelled activities on your time off, then the BikeMount is the ideal iPhone 4S case for you. Strapping securely to your bike handlebars, the BikeMount is an iPhone 4S waterproof case that allows full use of a smartphone through the window of the case.

Find a range of great iPhone 4S cases with Proporta.

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