How to protect your smartphone against theft

According to a survey around 300 mobile phones are stolen in London alone every day. We can’t ignore those numbers.


If you don’t want to be a part of this number, Proporta has got a few handy tips for you which could you save from a theft.




Tip 1:  Don’t leave your smartphone lying around carelessly. Treat it like a valuable article.

Tip 2: You shouldn’t forget your mobile phone in your jacket pocket. If your jacket gets caught on your chair or you take it off and leave it unattended, thieves will have an easy job.

Tip 3: You shouldn’t leave your mobile phone in your car, whether it is visibile or not. It isn’t save from potential thieves here either.

Tip 4: Always protect your mobile phone with a screen or entry pin. These make the access to your personal information more difficult.

If these tips have come too late and your phone has gone walkies, we suggest taking the following action:

You should directly contact your phone network so that they can block your SIM card.

After this you should call the police so that the crime is registered. Who knows? They may even find it.


Is this not enough for you and you want to investigate yourself, for “beginner Sherlocks” there are special apps which can make the hunt much easier.


Where’s my Droid:  A very helpful app in case of a theft. You can get this in three versions. Two versions are charged and one free LITE version is available, too. With this app you can block your SD card from home conveniently and take pictures so the culprit can be identified. In additional the app shows you the GPS location of where your mobile phone is.


Cerberus Anti-Diebstahl:  This app is very useful as well. You have the possibility to spot your smartphone and to block your personal information. Furthermore, you can activate an alarm tune, this can expose the thief if he is still close by.


Lost Droid Finder :  This app has three stand out features: The panic mode, the thief mode and SIM blocking. The panic mode lets your mobile phone ring extremely loud for 3 minutes. This should scare the thief into not wanting to use your phone again. The thief mode allows to show your the GPS location so you can find your mobile phone again.

In case your smartphone gets swiped you are now well informed. We hope that you never have to use these tips.
Don’t forget your smartphone is a valuable article, so it deserves the best protection with Proporta cases.





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