Happy Birthday Internet Explorer :)

The world’s most popular browser Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was launched 15 years ago today.

The first version of the browser, Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer) 1, debuted on August 16, 1995. It was based on Mosaic, a web browser Microsoft had licensed from a company called Spyglass Inc. Starting with version 3.0, Microsoft started bundling Internet Explorer with Windows (Windows), thus increasing its market share dramatically.

Despite it squeezing once dominant browser Netscape Navigator out of the market completely Internet Exporer’s market dominance waned slightly due to the rise of popularity of Firefox , a free, open source browser which was launched in 2004.

According to the latest data from Net Applications, Internet Explorer now has a combined market share of 60.74% and Firefox is at 23.75%, followed by Chrome (Chrome), Safari (Safari), Opera (Opera) and others.

Internet Exporer 9 is scheduled to be launched at an event in San Francisco on September 15.

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