Goings on at WWDC 2010

Depending on how you feel about Apple, you’ll either see the unveiling of the iPhone 4 at WWDC 2010 this week as the latest step in Steve Jobs’ campaign to own the world, or the release of the most exciting device since… the last iPhone. Or possibly the iPad.

Either way, as always, this new plaything from Apple is pretty impressive. Built from stainless steel and a type of glass that’s 30 times tougher than plastic (apparently), it is described by Jobs as “the most precise, beautiful thing we’ve ever designed”. High praise indeed – but then he’s not likely to say anything else really.

Powered by the Apple A4 processor, it boasts superior speed and performance, and improved battery life will relieve those frustrated by the number of charges needed by older models of the iPhone. It has a new operating system, iOS4, that promises better multitasking and app organisation, a new video calling app called FaceTime, and features a gyroscope for more precise movement measurement, which could be great for gaming. It is also thinner than ever, and predictably easy on the eye, with some reviewers hailing it’s heftier feel and high build quality.

The thing that’s been getting the most praise, however, is the new display. Four times the resolution of the iPhone 3GS, the website Engadget describes it as “truly outrageous…we’re not being hyperbolic when we say its easily the best looking mobile phone screen we’ve ever laid eyes on”. Other reviews have been equally impressed with the quality of display, photos and the new ability to capture HD video, and, crucially many sites are also praising it for its beefed up processing power and speed.

So even if it doesn’t feel like a revolution, it certainly doesn’t seem to have disappointed anyone yet. No doubt it’ll be as popular as previous incarnations, and with its UK release due for the 24th June, you don’t have long to wait to get your hands on one. And never fear, as always, Proporta will be waiting with a whole new range of cases and accessories.

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