Frying pans at the ready

Whether you like yours sweet or savoury, we’re sure you love Shrove Tuesday (also known as Pancake Day) just as much as everyone at Proporta – we’ve been swapping ideas for toppings all day (Debbie opts for mushrooms, Natalie for sugar and lemon). Shrove Tuesday is the day before the Christian tradition of Lent begins, and is the last chance for us all to be a bit greedy before attempting to give something we like up for the forty days until Easter Sunday. Got any good recipes for pancakes or weird and wonderful toppings you favour? Leave us a comment, oh and be careful flipping those pancakes!

P.S. This week is a pretty good week all round, as the Friday after Shrove Tuesday is known in Britain as Kissing Friday. Kissing Friday is the only day of the year where boys are allowed to kiss girls without the fear of rejection, pucker up gals. (Please note, this holiday fell out of common use in the 1940’s so Proporta cannot guarantee any girls you try to kiss this Friday will kiss you back. You could try making them pancakes tonight though 😉 ).


One Response to “Frying pans at the ready”

  1. Lynnette says:

    I might be two days late, but I just put strawberries, blueberries, honey and a few almonds on mine. Yum.