Expecto Patronum

Finding a video advertisement in a traditional paper may sound trippy but it might become a common feature in the not-so distant future.

A chip technology similar to the one used in greeting cards is being used to store a video and will start as soon as the page is turned.

Programmes from American TV network giant CBS and a Pepsi advert are one of the first-ever clips to appear in the September 18th editions of Entertainment Weekly distributed in Los Angeles and New York.

BBC correspondent Rajesh Mirchandani said that due to the increasingly competitive market creating attention for a product is more important than ever. He compared the technology to the Daily Prophet – a newspaper with moving pictures like the ones featured in Harry Potter movies.

However, digital technology in magazines is not as new as you might think – last year men´s lifestyle magazine Esquire introduced e-ink technology – the same which is used in Sony Reader and Amazon Kindle e-books – for flashing animations.

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