CES 2013 – Bendy smartphones, smartglasses, and a finger mouse

CES 2013 is starting to wind down for another year, but not without revealing even more wondrously astounding tech products that seem like they belong in a sci-fi movie. Have a quick look at the latest innovations on display at the Consumer Electronics Show, and if you make it to the bottom, you’ll see a couple of Proportians rubbing shoulders with a certain pint-sized Hollywood legend.

Flexible Samsung phone
There’s been talk of bendy smartphones for a while now, but they’re getting even closer to becoming a reality now as Samsung have made no secret of this new technology at CES 2013. Demonstrating a working flexible Samsung phone to the world at the conference this week, this OLED display technology is destined for a whole range of Youm branded devices coming soon.

Flexible Samsung Phone

We could all soon pretend to be The Terminator (without all the killing obviously) thanks to this latest contraption on show at CES 2013. Smartglasses are another sci-fi fantasy that are edging closer to our faces, with Vuzix launching the M100 smart-specs which sync with smartphones and tablets to display texts, photos and other notifications in front of your eye.


Genius Ring wearable mouse
Attaching to your finger, the Genius Ring is a compact mouse device that works with your computer and also doubles up as a presentation aid thanks to its useful laser.

Genius Ring

Pebble Smartwatch
Shipping to customers in the next couple of weeks, the Pebble Smartwatch links with smartphones and uses e-paper technology to display all incoming notifications.

Pebble Watch

Lynnette and Max schmoozing with Hollywood royalty
The other big news from CES has been Proporta’s Lynnette and Max hanging out with Danny DeVito, making us here in the office a tiny bit jealous.



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