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Dress your phone for your personality this winter

Winter is one of the best times to “dress up” your phone and stand out from the crowd.
There are those who choose a Christmas look, or those who choose a more vibrant look (maybe to remember the past summer).

In short, we’re all making more of an effort to turn our devices into a kind of mirror that reflects our passions, moods or, even our memories with a new case or accessory.

If a cover is considered a functional item for most adults that protects their device, you could say that for young people (or teenagers) the iPhone case takes on a different role: it becomes a status symbol, an emblem to show to everyone.

It is fair to say that there are only a few main smartphone brands, so one of the only real ways to break out is to wrap your device with something that makes it unique and unmistakable… something that represents the owner.

For the self-conscious teen, we put together a short guide on which cases would suit even the most picky of personalities.

Do you love winter sports? Then there’s nothing better than Quiksilver and Roxy.


Looking for a cover that reflects your Christmas spirit?


Or maybe you’d prefer something a bit quirky?


Joules and Ted Baker are the ideal solutions for both girls and boys who love elegance without turning their phone into an antique.


If none of these options tickle your fancy, we have the perfect solution for all tastes:

Here, you can create your own protective cover for iPhone, Galaxy or iPad mini by uploading a photo or even your own design to customise your phone.

Style your phone or tablet with a vintage look, by Lalita

Yes, there is one for every mood. So many directions to go in. What’s your style? Dapper or Dandy? Girly or vintage?

Get yourself something original and design a special phone case by Lalita, with your own touch. As much as you need that new handbag or pair of shoes, the new collection of Lalita personalised phone cases will make you swoon too.

Featuring unique designs by vintage fashion brand, Lalita, your iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, Galaxy S3/S4 or iPad mini can look the part too now.

Create your Lalita personalised case now.

photo case test blog jitlalita case test 2

blog foto lilitaVisit our website and take an image from our Lalita collection: trendy, fashionable, unique.

The new hard shell case collection by Lalita is now live and available at Proporta.

Create a case today   or

Visit Lalita online to find about more

Elegance with shotgun tested strength: Carbon Fibre iPhone 5/5S cases by Proporta


Would you want a cover for your iPhone 5 or 5S that’s light as a feather but resistant to the toughest shock, even a shotgun?

Today you can, thanks to the latest carbon fibre iPhone 5S cases from Proporta designed to protect your phone like no one has ever done before.

Made with high quality leather that covers the carbon fibre core and microfibre that lines the inside, these new iPhone 5 covers are a mix between luxury and protection at the highest levels.


Why carbon fibre iPhone 5S covers?

Simple: carbon fibre is 2/3 lighter than steel and 5 times more resistant, so it’s no surprise that it’s used in plenty of industries, such as aerospace or in the world of motor racing.

We tried to create the perfect balance of elegance and strength, with fine leathers and manicured details, a true gem to show off.

Visit Proporta to find out more about the brand new carbon fibre iPhone 5S covers.




Christmas saved with touchscreen gloves

It’s Christmas soon, which means there’s plenty to think about. You think about your Christmas Tree, decorations, uncles and aunts, gifts, turkey, sweeping the chimney for Santa Claus’ safety… but there are always a few bits and bobs you could forget.


Suppose Santa calls you on your iPhone to ask you the exact details of your son’s favourite video game, but you’re in the middle of a snowball fight with your colleagues. And of course, Father Christmas would call you from a withheld number (he’s a pretty secretive guy). You’re wearing gloves and you’re unable to take the call, something that’s impossible with normal gloves. You miss this super important call because of a pair of gloves and you’re left with a glum looking son on Christmas morning.

touchscreen gloves

touchscreen gloves

Don’t take this risk
Proporta has the solution to make your child joyful under the Christmas tree:

– Ideal for operating touch sensitive devices like the iPad, iPod touch or smartphones.
– Available in festive and winter spirited designs.
– Keep your hands nice and toasty, and let you take important calls without faffing with glove removal.

Don’t miss any calls in future in case of snow, rain, or icy conditions, it could just be the call of your lifetime. Find touchscreen gloves at today.

Autumn/Winter Trends 2013

Simple tan and grey tones are the absolute fashion trends for autumn/winter this year.
Whether you like it casual, stylish or elegant, cosy oversized coats, warm knits and boots are the way forward for both men and women this season. Thanks to lurex and sequins, we will all be shining bright in our winter attire during the cold period.

The current trends of the winter season include fur (whether real or faux fur) with a black and grey colour scheme – but the freshest colour trend for fall and winter? It’s got to be tan.

What else? Well, knit is in. If it’s your comfy knitted jumpers that granny made for you, the loop scarves (snoods) from last year and the “Norwegian Pattern”, which you’ll find on cuddly sweaters, gloves, dresses and even on some boots.

Proporta wouldn’t be Proporta, if we didn’t think about the right autumn/winter accessories for your gadgets. We consider ourselves a pretty fashionable group (excluding our dodgy Christmas jumper photo) so here are some of our accessories which will help you to stay on trend this year:






2. Ted Baker LG Optimus Black pouch


3. Ted Baker iPhone 5S Winter Case


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