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Where’s Waldo? On your iPod touch case for $4.95

For the perfect stocking filler this Christmas, grab a Where’s Waldo 4G iPod touch case designed to protect and entertain. Just $4.95 each, find Waldo while stocks last.

How to survive Halloween


The day has come. Some love it, some hate it and some don’t care… Halloween is here.

In some countries, Halloween is getting more and more popular with each year that passes, for example in the US and in the UK.



Everyone wants to have the scariest look at the party, but not everyone is quite there yet. Proporta is here to help you to spice up your look and survive the party.



Your Personalised Case


With this case you don’t even need the creepiest outfit, as this will be the inimitable highlight at every party. You can visit our website and take an image from our Halloween Collection or upload your own spooky one. Let’s get creating.



The BeachBuoy – Waterproof Case


At Halloween you’re sure to see a lot of blood all over the place. If you want to protect your Phone from the gory red stuff, this is a must-have. 

The Beachbouy - Waterproof case



And last but not least..


iPhone 5/5S Charging Case


iPhone 5/5S Charging Case


One of the worst things that could happen: You’re running out of battery juice. To avoid that and protect your iPhone from drunken bearish people, you could use the brand new Charging Case which is a protective case at the same time.


We hope you have a creepy day. Happy Halloween everyone.



Smartwatches – the new trend?

Have you heard about the Smartwatch? It’s a little Smartphone, which you wear like a watch. But it doesn’t replace it. It works with your smartphone (which has to be within 10m range of the Smartwatch to work).

Now you might think, what do I need that for?
Good question, it’s definitely a luxury item. Some benefits could be that you’re kept up-to-date in every situation. We’ve thought of some situations where the smartwatch could be very useful:

1. You’re sitting in the cinema and your phone is in your bag. No need to rifle around for it, just have a cheeky look at your smartwatch to minimise fuss.
2. You’re talking to someone and it would be ignorant to look on your phone all the time, you can pretend that you’re looking at the time and keep all your friends.
3.You’re driving a car, your phone is ringing and you’re looking for it, you could risk your life and the life of others. With the smartwatch you coul look on it and decide whether it’s important or not without risking safety.

There are currently a range of Mini-Apps available to download especially designed for the smartwatch, with nearly all big manufacturers having already produced a smartwatch. Here’s a quick comparison to help you choose the right one for you:

For people who need their phone for work and they can’t miss important calls, this could be very useful indeed.

Time will tell if this new gadget will appeal to the masses for everyday life, the jury is still very much out. One thing’s for sure though: it’s certainly an exciting prospect and brings out the sci-fi geek in all of us at Proporta.


Vendor Model Connective with Retail price Highlight
1. Sony SmartWatch Android Smartphones £79.00 Water resistant
2. Sony SmartWatch 2 Android Smartphones £149.99 One-touch NFC
3. Samsung Galaxy Gear Samsung Smartphones £300 S Voice
4. Cookoo COOKOO watch Apple Gadgets & Samsung Galaxy S4 £129.99 Long battery-life



   SmartWatch                        SmartWatch 2          Galaxy Gear             COOKOO watch

iOS 7 doesn’t make your iPhone waterproof, but the BeachBuoy does

Don’t be fooled by the recent fake ad suggesting that the iOS 7 software update will magically turn your iPhone into a water baby.

Unfortunately for them, plenty of gullible people believed a hoax “advertisement” that appeared online this week, suggesting that iOS 7 makes your iPhone waterproof, and ended up permanently damaging their iPhones by testing the theory out.

“Update to iOS 7 and become waterproof”, the poster read.

“In an emergency, a smart-switch will shut off the phone’s power supply and corresponding components to prevent any damage to your iPhone’s delicate circuitry,” it went on to say.

ios 7 waterproof fake ad

The poster was shared all over the social networks, and resulted in many people taking its word for gospel and dunking their precious iPhones in water.

We would advise that you never place your iPhone in water. That is to say, never do it without an iPhone 5S / 5C waterproof case. The BeachBuoy waterproof case by Proporta allows you to use your smartphone while truly protecting it in up to 5 metres of water.

Find iPhone waterproof cases at Proporta.

Free Scribble Pad iPhone wallpaper now available

We’ve been feeling a little bit mischievous lately, and now it’s not just the outside of your iPhone we want to cover.

Now, the ‘Scribble Pad’ iPhone 5 case design can take over your phone’s background too with the free download which can be found over at our website.

iPhone wallpaper

Simply visit on your smartphone and find the link at the bottom of the product description to open up the image.

Then, all you need to do is save the iPhone wallpaper to your phone’s memory and set it as wallpaper from the settings.

Match your iPhone 5 case with the wallpaper for the all round Scribble Pad effect.

Creative uses for the Camera Demon Helmet Camera Mount

Recently we ran a little competition on Facebook to ask our fans for the most inventive uses they had for the Camera Demon – Helmet Camera Mount. With 52 entries and suggestions ranging from strapping it to a fox or the closest alien, it was hard to choose our favourite, so we thought we’d share some of the best answers with you.


Maureen: “I would strap it to my dog and see where he spends all his time.”

Ross:  “I would attach it to my 7 year old’s head and find out how he keeps breaking his glasses!”

Austin: “Fox Cam…I would love to know what those cute little misters get up to on their fantastic journeys through a starry night…”

Holly: “I would use it at the birth of my next child!”

Diane: “On the teeter-totter ride at the top of the Stratosphere, Las Vegas – then I could re-live the terror from the comfort of my armchair (if I survived, of course!)”

Andi: “I would like to use the camera in outer space to record the moment that a new star is born.”

Meg: “[I’d] attach it to the nearest alien, so I could see the inside of their spaceship and their moonbase on the darkside of the moon”


To read the rest of the entries visit our Facebook page or to share your inventive use for the Camera Demon simply leave a comment below.

Camera Demon - Helmet Camera Mount

Camera Demon – Helmet Camera Mount

£24.95 / 29,95€ / $33.95

Whether you’re mountain biking, climbing or hitting the slopes, use the Camera Demon sports cam mount to attach your camera securely to your safety helmet to capture everything you see, no matter what extreme sport you take part in.

CES 2013 – Bendy smartphones, smartglasses, and a finger mouse

CES 2013 is starting to wind down for another year, but not without revealing even more wondrously astounding tech products that seem like they belong in a sci-fi movie. Have a quick look at the latest innovations on display at the Consumer Electronics Show, and if you make it to the bottom, you’ll see a couple of Proportians rubbing shoulders with a certain pint-sized Hollywood legend.

Flexible Samsung phone
There’s been talk of bendy smartphones for a while now, but they’re getting even closer to becoming a reality now as Samsung have made no secret of this new technology at CES 2013. Demonstrating a working flexible Samsung phone to the world at the conference this week, this OLED display technology is destined for a whole range of Youm branded devices coming soon.

Flexible Samsung Phone

We could all soon pretend to be The Terminator (without all the killing obviously) thanks to this latest contraption on show at CES 2013. Smartglasses are another sci-fi fantasy that are edging closer to our faces, with Vuzix launching the M100 smart-specs which sync with smartphones and tablets to display texts, photos and other notifications in front of your eye.


Genius Ring wearable mouse
Attaching to your finger, the Genius Ring is a compact mouse device that works with your computer and also doubles up as a presentation aid thanks to its useful laser.

Genius Ring

Pebble Smartwatch
Shipping to customers in the next couple of weeks, the Pebble Smartwatch links with smartphones and uses e-paper technology to display all incoming notifications.

Pebble Watch

Lynnette and Max schmoozing with Hollywood royalty
The other big news from CES has been Proporta’s Lynnette and Max hanging out with Danny DeVito, making us here in the office a tiny bit jealous.


Vote for Darwin to win Britain’s Best Office Dog

We believe there is no better dog than Darwin to have around in the office, so we’ve decided to enter him in the Britain’s Best Office Dog competition.


We know you love to look at cute pictures of our pooch as much as we do, so would really appreciate it if you could take the time to vote for Darwin.

Voting takes place via Facebook and Twitter, so it only takes a couple of clicks.

How to Vote
1 – Visit this link
2 – Find Darwin just over halfway down the page (the same picture as the above)
3 – Click the Facebook and/or Twitter button underneath his adorable face and follow the instructions

If he wins, he will get some vouchers to spend on doggy treats at Muddy Paws.

Thanks in advance for your vote, and we’ll keep you posted on the results.

Proporta staff donate their blood for Cancer Research

We’ve been down to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton to each give a little bit of blood to help out with cancer research.

Giving a very small amount of blood takes just a few minutes and can have a huge impact on finding out more about cancer in the efforts to improve treatment.

Even the biggest Proporta scaredy-cats were completely at ease thanks to the staff at CIRU (Clinical Investigation and Research Unit) and all mentioned that there was absolutely nothing to worry about (their grins in the pictures should back this up).

Find out more about CIRU and the fantastic work they do at the CIRU website.

Neil, Maciek & Diego

Neil, Maciek & Diego getting comfortable

Mike & Guy

Proporta Directors: Mike & Guy






























Steph feeling festive
















Sarah is loving it


Go on Baz


Max’s audition for Holby City

‘Scanner + Printer + Shredder’ by Proporta’s IT Chris

Chris Hayes of Proporta IT department fame proved today that you don’t need to be in marketing to tell a good tale. We had to share this circular that Doctor Chris (as he’s also known) sent to all Proporta staff when he realised there were a few chin-scratching members of staff looking puzzled at the mysterious printer/scanner/shredder disappearances:


In the thrilling conclusion of what at first seemed like a match made
in Heaven...


After enduring the constant advances of a certain high-capacity
shredder, our on-off printer has decided to cheat on its former
companion, Scanner.

Scanner has been granted custody over Scanner Junior and have
relocated to Julia's office where it's currently being consoled by Ricoh.

Meanwhile Printer and Shredder have eloped to behind Maciek's table,
not realising that Scanner also moved into the same neighbourhood..
it's all getting a little uncomfortable for them.

(or in less crazy English)

The scanner is now in Julia's room, and the printer and shredder are
now near Maciek's desk.

Kind regards,
- -- 
Chris Hayes, Systems Administrator