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Is the Kindle Fire UK release on the horizon?

Talk of the Kindle Fire UK release has escalated in the last few weeks with rumours abound as to when it will finally hit these shores.

Kindle Fire UK release
On sale in the US since November of last year, the Kindle Fire launch has been somewhat of a mystery in the UK and other territories, despite all the other versions being made available here in good time.

Now, some large electronics retailers have fuelled Kindle Fire UK release speculation by listing Amazon’s tablet as a main contender in the Christmas 2012 favourites, which suggests it could be with us in the next few months.

However, according to various online sources, not only is the Kindle Fire launch imminent, but there is a second version of the tablet in the pipelines which could also be released in time for the festive period.

Of course it is not impossible to get hold of the Fire from the US, which means there are a lucky few here in the UK who already own one. Proporta offers a good Kindle Fire cover range to ensure that they can keep their tablets protected.

While the rest of us wait for its arrival, you can find an extensive Kindle Fire case selection at the Proporta website as well as a range of Kindle covers for the rest of the versions available to us now.

Samsung Galaxy S3 now available for pre-order on Amazon

As one of this year’s most anticipated arrivals, we’re all waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S3 release date to be revealed. However, it seems that Amazon Germany cannot wait any longer, as they have made the Samsung Galaxy S3 available for pre-order sending the tech work into a bit of a frenzy, with reports of record sales already.

Samsung Galaxy S3 release

As the latest Samsung Galaxy release date has yet to be announced, speculation has been in overdrive on the web with rumours flying left, right and centre. Experts are predicting however that the Samsung Galaxy release date will be revealed on 3rd May.

What details does the Amazon listing show?
The product listing on suggests that the new Samsung Galaxy S3 will feature:

– €599 price tag
– 12-megapixel camera
– 4.7” Super AMOLED display
– 16GB storage
– In-built LED flash
– Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS
– No release date

Are you excited for this hint at the brand new S3 being unveiled? Or do you think it’s just Amazon getting a little bit ahead of themselves with the Samsung Galaxy S3 release? In the meantime, you can find Samsung cases at Proporta.

Samsung Galaxy S3 release date approaching?

According to numerous online blogs and websites, the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3  release date could be very soon indeed. In fact, we’ve heard the Samsung Galaxy S3 could get its UK release as soon as this week. Here at Proporta, we’re really excited about the prospect of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 (not least because we can’t wait to design and produce a new Samsung Galaxy S3 case range), so we thought we’d run through what some of the expected features could be. Don’t forget you can find Samsung Galaxy S2 cases at Proporta in the meantime.

Samsung Galaxy S3 to be more like Note?

The Galaxy S3 is rumoured to be getting a 4.8 inch HD display which is bigger than the S2 and will make for great viewing and even more of a reason to get a Samsung Galaxy S3 case to protect it. It is also a lot closer to the Galaxy Note tablet/phone hybrid (pictured).

There is also talk of the Samsung Galaxy S3 release boasting an Exynos processor which is a chip that can be likened to those that power PCs and laptops.

We all know that there is massive demand when it comes to the quality of a camera on smartphones in today’s highly competitive market. So the speculation that on the Samsung Galaxy release date the phone giant will be announcing an 8-megapixel camera is not that hard to believe, particularly as this is what the iPhone 4S has.

Operating System
It is more than likely that the S3 will run on the latest Android operating system, ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’.

Whilst we’re all waiting for arguably the most anticipated Android phone to be released (and obviously a Samsung Galaxy S3 case collection from Proporta) you can check out the fantastic choice of Samsung Galaxy S2 cases and other smartphones too.

Ultrabooks: Ultra Cool or Super Fad?

If you were following the CES conference that took place in Las Vegas recently, you will almost certainly have heard of Ultrabooks. In fact, it’s fair to say that “Ultrabook” has become a bit of a buzz word among industry experts and gadget whizzes for 2012. So what is an Ultrabook exactly? At Proporta, we have put together the ins and outs of this new product so you can decide whether you’ll be the first in the queue to buy one or on the other side of the window judging all the shoppers.


Image: IntelFreePress

What is an Ultrabook?
Think of a regular sized laptop, put it on a diet and give it some brain juice. An Ultrabook can simply be described as a thin (under 18mm thickness), light and very powerful netbook, and is brought to you by numerous PC manufacturers using new Intel hardware. The cynics among us are probably already shouting out “Haven’t you heard of a MacBook Air?” and while it’s true there are plenty of similarities, the one main difference is that these are PCs made by a range of well-known computer giants, such as Toshiba and Acer and could be much more affordable.

Will it make my friends jealous?
Most probably yes. But there are already plenty of experts advising consumers to wait until Windows 8 arrives before diving into the Ultrabook world. Having the newest Microsoft OS on your sleek new computer will surely make you the envy of all your friends. Dress it up in a fancy new ultrabook case and watch your Facebook friend count shoot up (well maybe not, but you’re sure to get some “ooh aaahs” from your chums).


The stuff inside
– Powerful and long-lasting batteries
– Intel Sandy Bridge integrated graphics for powering DirectX
– Identity protection system for extra safe web browsing
– Fast information sharing, e.g. when sending links/photos
– Sleeker appearance

The verdict
Is the Ultrabook just a clever marketing ploy introduced at the CES conference to compete with the tablet? Or is it genuinely a marvel in the technological sphere that will change the way we all use computers? We suspect it’s a mixture of the two, but it’s certainly interesting times for the good old PC, which is not going down without an “ultra-fight”.

In the meantime, for the lucky ones with MacBooks and other similar netbooks, make sure you protect and personalise them with laptop cases.

Vote for your favourite phone case design

Proporta’s Brainwave department have been busy creating new phone case designs. Let us know your favourite and you may see them coming to a shelf near you soon 🙂

and the winner is…Samsung

Figures released today in UK shows that sales of Samsung handsets have passed Apple to own more of the market in Q3, which runs from July-September.


Samsung now own 23.8% of the market to Apple’s 14.6% and in third place in Nokia with 14.4%  of the market. In Q3 Samsung sold 27.8 million units compared to Apple’s 17.1 million units.


With all these handsets out Proporta has it covered (literally) with our extensive ranges of cases and accessories for both the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Apple iPhone 4S as well as older models as well.


In the office today we have run a quick questionnaire into which mobile phones each us have, the findings look slightly biased however it’s a great range.


BlackBerry Curve – one
BlackBerry Torch  – one
BlackBerry Bold 2 – one
iPhone 3GS  – one
iPhone 4 – four
iPhone 4S  – One
HTC Desire HD – one
HTC Google Nexus 1 – one
HTC Desire S – one
HTC Wildfire – one
Samsung Galaxy Ace – one
Samsung Google Nexus S – one
Other – two

Pretty interesting don’t you think?


Already in Q4 the battle to be the best selling handset will really hot up, with Christmas round the corner who is going to win….?


here’s a sneak peek at Spreaker…


Here’s a sneak peek at another new app before it goes into the App Store. Spreaker, which is a very streamlined app that does for audio what Twitter does for text and YouTube does for video — makes it extremely easy to share content across social networks.

With Spreaker, you can broadcast live radio right from your mobile.  Anyone can create content and broadcast it instantly to one’s Facebook page, or listen later as a podcast. In addition to being a cool app, Spreaker also boasts a robust backend website that allows you to do much more interesting and fun things, like adding studio sound effects and background music to your productions.

An adhoc version of the app for iPhone is available for download from TestFlight here and it’ll be in the App Store next week, and on Android immediately thereafter.

Promo video here – have a look.



This will be the next big thing, watch out facebook and twitter…there’s a new sheriff in town.



All Proporta case on 4S category will fit the new model…

All Proporta cases on the iPhone 4S category of the website are compatible with the new model.

The new Proporta range of cases have been designed to the new specifications and placement of the volume buttons on iPhone 4S and adjustments have been made.


Our new range include:

Ted Baker Hard Shell Case II for Apple iPhone 4S


Roxy Hard Shell Case for Apple iPhone 4S – Cynthia Rowley Print


Doodle Pad Hard Shell Apple iPhone 4S


Maya II Case for the Apple iPhone 4S


and many more.

To view to whole Apple iPhone 4S case range – please visit Proporta or click here.

BlackBerry blues…

With the huge variety of devices that are available on the market it can be easy to be a bit overwhelmed by them all. For those of you who are familiar with the two Ronnies you might like this comedy skit, in which Ronnie Corbett goes in to a shop because he’s having some issues with his BlackBerry and Apple.


Click here to watch the video.

Apple announcement…

Last night was the eagerly anticipated Apple announcement., which meant the unveiling of a new Apple service, iCloud. The service offers users the possibility of connecting wirelessly to other devices, such as a laptop or another smartphone, and have full access to any photos and music on the device.

If you are interested in finding out any more information on iCloud click here.