Calling all parents

On the 28th June a new groundbreaking Internet protection device will be released by Atlantic Surf Ltd which will allow parents complete control over what their children surf on the Internet. CYBERminer comes as a set of physical keys available for different age ranges. It’s a unique idea, very simple to use and parents can rest assured that this new device will prevent children from accessing inappropriate websites.

All you have to do is attach one of the age-appropriate PROTECT keys into your PC and it will filter your Internet browsing, not to mention give the parent peace of mind.

“We wanted to develop a device for parents with limited computer and Internet experience who want to protect their children without compromising parent-child trust”, says Stefan Lampinen, spokesperson for Atlantic Surf Ltd. “Short of hands-on supervision, before CYBERminder, the only way to protect children from online dangers is to download Internet child protection software on to their PC. Many parents are not comfortable with this. CYBERminder provides a swift and easy solution”, continues Lampinen.

CYBERminder is available from June 28th, priced at GBP 29.95 and is available from: and

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