“BlackPad” to be announced next week?

The Wall Street Journal has revealed that BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) could be set to unveil its new tablet computer, and the operating system it will work on, as early as next week at a developers’ conference in San Francisco.

Rumoured to be named the “BlackPad” it’s scheduled release is some time in Quarter 4 of 2010 and it will have a 7-inch touch screen, one or two cameras and both Bluetooth and broadband connections.

The WSJ’s sources claim the device will only be able to connect to mobile networks through a BlackBerry and will use a new platform built by QNX, an OS maker RIM bought earlier this year, instead of BlackBerry OS.

With Christmas round the corner this new contender into the tablet arena may be top of many people’s wishlist but with so many others to choose from will tablet enthusiasts be overly spoilt for choice in this already crowded market place?

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