BlackBerry 10 – what’s it all about?

The highly anticipated BlackBerry 10 operating system with two new handsets, Z10 and Q10, has officially been launched to the world in a number of international events.

BlackBerry 10

Delayed since October last year, all eyes have been watching RIM (now known as BlackBerry) for more details on BB10 due to Apple and Android’s firm dominance of the smartphone market in recent years. In fact, industry experts are calling it the “moment of truth” for the mobile phone manufacturer.

So what’s BlackBerry 10 all about? Find out in our quick guide below.

Two new handsets
Z10 and Q10 both use the new BB10 operating system.

Z10 Touchscreen
This is the first time that BlackBerry have created a fully touchscreen smartphone and brings them up to speed with the rest of the players out there. The Q10 model sticks to the good old BB QWERTY keyboard.

Intelligent Keyboard
Type more accurately and much faster thanks to a keyboard that adapts to your way of typing.

BlackBerry Balance
This is arguably the USP of BB10 that could give it a chance to carve its niche in an already heavily covered market. Ideal for executives and City types, BlackBerry Balance allows users to be able to switch from their personal phone to a completely business related interface that their workplace has optimised all on the same handset.

Cool points?
Alicia Keys has been brought on board to coincide with the launch of BB10 as BlackBerry’s Creative Director, which is clearly a move to try and get away from their established business image.

When’s it out?
In an unusual move, the new BlackBerry Z10 is available from today, which is before it will be launched in the US and the UAE.

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