Apple Working on the Next Generation of Digital Camera Technologies

After finally introducing a camera system with the 4G iPod touch, Apple are already preparing for their next wave of advanced camera technology releases.

Ever keen to extend their bulging portfolio, they’ve filed patent applications for an advanced camera flash system. The system will include a flash redirector, a touch screen, which allows its user to manually select (via finger touch) a dark or dimly lit object or region in the scene, to be illuminated by the combination flash and redirector, and an “evaluator” which considers how much light needs to be added to the picture and adjusts the flash brightness accordingly.

In addition to being included in future iOS devices, the patent clearly states that this new flash system could eventually be integrated into the iMac, Apple’s MacBook lineup and even a dedicated video camera.

With their previous successes in the music and tablet markets, domination of the digital camera sector could well be on the cards, fans of the technology giant should watch this space….

A spokeswoman at Apple said that the company did not comment on patent applications.

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