Apple 5G iPod nano review

Since the new iPod nano honoured us with its presence a little under a week ago, a few of the Proporta team have managed to bag themselves a couple and haven’t stopped toe tapping since. Here’s some of their initial thoughts and feedback…


There’s lots of positive improvements on the new iPod nano including a larger screen (now 2.2 inches) and FM radio, which impressively features pause and rewind. The video feature is another cool attribute and makes for easy video uploading (although it took us a while to work out that recording is best done in landscape view otherwise your finger either gets in the way of the lens, or you end up with an upside-down recording). We also think that this 5G nano version has a much better battery life than its predecessor, which would get eaten up in just a few hours.

The click wheel has been reduced slightly, which is good because it’s allowed the screen to become larger, but we imagine that someone with bigger fingers might not do so well with it. However, as with most things device related we reckon you just need to get used to it and come a few weeks, you’ll not even notice a difference.
The final aspect to be added is the speaker, which although may not provide the best sound quality at the moment (it’s very small and probably more for reviewing video recordings than starting dance offs at bus stops), it is an excellent feature and we think that as the future generations of iPod nano’s slowly appear, it’ll improve even further.

Not wishing to go all corporate on you, but Proporta has a really good line up of 5G iPod nano accessories that are already in stock as well as the USB TurboCharger if you’re after more battery life. Check out the brand new Twisted System Portable Speakers – available for pre-order (due in early October 2009).

Music at your fingertips – you can now buy iTunes through the Proporta website: All you have to do is click through the banner on any product page or click here.

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One Response to “Apple 5G iPod nano review”

  1. Alex Dixon says:

    I love my little Nano… can’t wait to get some speakers to replace the horrible tinny one in the Nano!