Adorama iPhone Photo Competition

Adorama, one of New York’s oldest and largest camera retailers have surprised even themselves with the popularity of their iPhone photo competition. Within 2 weeks of announcing the competition – for images captured on the iPhone and edited only with iPhone apps – they’ve had over 5,000 submissions, from as far away as Japan.

With 3 more weeks to go, it seems likely that the competition is only going to get more popular, with images like the one shown here flooding in from around the globe. Winners will be announced at the end of February, and prizes range from $1000 to $50 in gift vouchers and photographic equipment. Judges include the intriguingly named Boomer and Carton (below), so we doubt it will be the most ferocious of competitions, but nonetheless it’s a nice idea. With all the cameraphones out there in the world it’s no surprise that people will start to value it as a format in its own right, and the depth of response shows that there’s lots of amateur phone snappers out there. That this one only allows iPhone entries is perhaps another sign of Apple’s drive to take over the world, but if you’re already an iPhone convert we doubt that bothers you – so if you fancy entering, why not click here?

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