A Blue Red Nose Day

On Red Nose Day Proporta decided that they would raise money by swearing. In the Proporta office the language that some people use can get a little fruity. Red Nose Day saw a ban on all swear words (after a long discussion deciding what exactly constitutes a swear word and whether swearing in another language counts – it does) and Debbie (our office manager) ensured that anyone caught using bad language would be fined 50p. Quite a few of us have already been caught out (Max within 4 minutes of being in the office, and Graham 30 seconds – see below for how the collection tin looked even before 9am), and others are yet to use a naughty word. Lynnette, Debbie and Mike are strong contenders for the highest donators of the day, but only time will tell…


…and at the end of the day our foul mouths made £30.49 for charity. Never has swearing been so profitable.

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2 Responses to “A Blue Red Nose Day”

  1. Zain says:

    Lovin the slogan ‘Never has swearing been so profitable’


  2. William Roe says:

    I think I did surprisingly well that day….but then I wasn’t at work. £30.49 – so that’s 61 swearwords – 1p short, maybe there should be a sliding scale for swearword severity.