5 products you never knew you needed

Little did you know how useful certain Proporta accessories are? Well here are five that have proved to be extremely useful (sometimes in times of crisis, other times just for convenience) for some of the Proporta team…

1) Universal Emergency Charger or Ted Baker Six Pack



Both of these serve the same purpose, it just depends on what style you prefer. This has got a few people out of a some sticky situations, such as being on the way to a meeting, running out of juice and not knowing where you’re going. Just reach for the Universal Emergency Charger or Ted Baker Six Pack and you’re re-connected to the rest of the world in a jiffy.

2) Stereo Y Splitter


This is a lovely accessory to have on you as it means you’re a lovely person and are willing to share your music with your friends. Great for when one of you forgets your iPod, just plug it in and connect 2 sets of headphones, easy peasy.

3) Magnetic Dashboard Mount


We all know it’s all too tempting to use your phone whilst driving – but it’s a big NO NO, so the Magnetic Dashboard Mount creates a safe but accessible car kit by attaching to your dashboard allowing you to use the loudspeaker function on your mobile. Simple and safe.

4) Magnetic Cable Tidy


These are a must. If you are like most of the population and suffer from headphone headache due to the cables getting is such a twist, this is the accessory for you (and they come in 2 different colours). They are also useful when your headphones are in use, you can pin them out of the way as the magnet works through clothing. Brilliant. These really aren’t to be missed, not least because they are one of Stephen Fry’s top travel tips. Oooh get us!

5) Mobile Device Cleaner


You’d never believe it but this little gem has a fair few uses. First of all and the most obvious, it sorts your PDA, Laptop, MP3 Player and iPod’s screen out. Which is great on its own, as a dirty screen is a nuisance to anybody. Well this turns it nice and gleamy. But it’s also great for cleaning your spectacles, aaaand best of all (and this is a seriously good tip), spray it inside your goggles when you’re paintballing and they’ll stay steam free the whole game. Now that’s a top tip.

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