3 of the Best Mobile Car Kits

Keeping in touch while you’re on the road has become a bit of a necessity, so owning the right mobile car kits is essential. Whether it’s for work, safety or directions, having a good dashboard mount for your phone or other gadget is becoming increasingly important. Find out which mobile car kits Proporta thinks would be best for you in our quick guide below.

GripStick – £4.95


For under a fiver, the GripStick dashboard pad has become a runaway success at Proporta. This ingenious product takes up no room, adds no bulk and doesn’t leave any horrid marks or residue behind. Simply place the GripStick dashboard pad on the dashboard surface and stick your phone, MP3 player or Satnav to it. These mobile car kits keep the phone in place, without causing any weird stickiness to be left behind anywhere.

Magnetic Vehicle Docking System – £2.95

Mobile Car Kits

The Proporta Magnetic Vehicle Docking System uses a tough, lever-activated suction mounting system to attach itself securely to your vehicle windscreen. Now you can securely attach a Proporta Alu-Leather case to these mobile car kits – ideal for GPS.

Dual USB Car Charger – £12.95

Car Charger

Make sure your phone, GPS or other gadgets don’t run out of juice when you’re on the road, with the in-car charger form Proporta. With two USB ports, you can charge two devices at the same time using your car cigarette lighter.

You can find all these mobile car kits at Proporta.

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