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Free Scribble Pad iPhone wallpaper now available

We’ve been feeling a little bit mischievous lately, and now it’s not just the outside of your iPhone we want to cover.

Now, the ‘Scribble Pad’ iPhone 5 case design can take over your phone’s background too with the free download which can be found over at our website.

iPhone wallpaper

Simply visit on your smartphone and find the link at the bottom of the product description to open up the image.

Then, all you need to do is save the iPhone wallpaper to your phone’s memory and set it as wallpaper from the settings.

Match your iPhone 5 case with the wallpaper for the all round Scribble Pad effect.

I cannot remove my Ted Baker case, help!

“Help, I cannot remove my Ted Baker case!”

Does this sound like you? If so, there’s no need to feel blue. It just means that your Ted Baker case is doing the job it is designed for: keeping your phone or tablet truly protected in style.

Cannot remove Ted Baker case

Whether you have a Ted Baker iPhone case or a cover for a different device altogether, the chances are that your hard shell case is so snug that it doesn’t want to part ways from the phone it’s protecting. While this means that your phone is kept safe from harm, you may need to remove your Ted Baker case from time to time.

So, if your Ted Baker case is misbehaving and you need it to be separated from your gadget, then follow these simple steps.

Cannot Remove Ted Baker Case – Instructions
First, we’d recommend using your fingers to loosen one of the top corners. You’ll probably find that it comes up quite easily. Next, do the same with the opposite top corner.

The top of the case should be up now. From here you can carefully pull the rest of the Ted Baker iPhone case up until it eases off.

That’s that.

Just remember, the your Ted Baker case can’t bear to be removed from your phone because it is so dedicated in its effort to keep it totally protected from scratches and those inevitable drops.