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Google Nexus 4 phone and Nexus 10 tablet announced

The highly rumoured Google Nexus 4 phone has been announced, along with a brand new 10-inch Nexus tablet.

Google’s launch event in New York City was cancelled today due to Hurricane Sandy, however the announcement of the fresh range of Nexus products was still made.

Google nexus announcement

In addition to the new smartphone by LG and the larger tablet, Google also announced an upgarded version of the Nexus 7 that is now available with 3G and increased storage.

All three new Nexus gadgets will run Android 4.2 and allows Google to compete in even more markets with the tablet wars intensifying as Christmas approaches.

Google Nexus 4 Features
– Made in association with LG
– 4.7-inch screen
– 1.5GHz processor
– Wireless charging
– 8MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera
– Price: 8GB for £239, 16GB for £279
– Google Nexus 4 release date: 13th November 2012

Google Nexus 10 Specs
– Made in association with Samsung
– 2560 x 1600 resolution
– 300 pixels per inch
– 9-hour battery life

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iPad mini announced by Apple

Apple have announced the brand new iPad mini, the smallest iPad set to take the market by storm this Christmas. With plenty of speculation in the build-up to the Apple event in San Jose, California, all eyes were on the tech giant as they announced two brand new iPad models. In addition to the iPad mini, there is now a 4th generation iPad too. Find out iPad mini spec below.

iPad mini

iPad mini spec
– 7.2mm thickness
– 0.6lbs weight “as light as a pad of paper” according to Tim Cook
– 7.9 inches screen (diagonal)
– 5MP iSight camera
– Dual core A5 chip
– LTE fast wi-fi
– FaceTime HD front camera
– Lightning connector

iPad mini Release Date
Pre-order from: Friday 26th October 2012
Shippin:g 2nd November 2012

Proporta’s Head of Product, Lynnette Prigmore, explained more about dealing with such an announcement: “We’re sure that the new iPad mini is going to be on most people’s Christmas lists and being the busiest period in the retail calendar, we anticipate a high attachment rate on accessories. With any new Apple model it’s a race against the clock for accessories manufacturers such as ourselves, and the timing of the iPad mini will definitely see us wanting to have cases and screen protectors in stores as soon as possible. Fortunately many of our current lines are compatible with the new iPad mini and these will be live on our website first thing, with more designs to follow in the coming weeks.”

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Top 10 gift ideas for any budget



From fashion cases for her, to handy gizmos for him (and maybe a little something for yourself for being so thoughtful?) there is something for all tastes. No matter who it’s for and what your budget is, our Top 10 Gift Ideas will definitely earn you some popularity points with friends and family.


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Roxy Samsung Galaxy S3
Quiksilver Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue Checks iPad 3 Polka Dots
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Kindle ‘Book’ Style Touch Screen Gloves iPhone 5 Hard Shells
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iPhone 5 Ted Baker Bugs
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Spoooooky Halloween promotion on TurboChargers and more

Shocking Halloween Offer


It’s that creepy time of year again, so we thought we’d shock you with some electrifying offers on a range of accessories that will make you want to scream.

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Android event announced by Google for 29 October

Google have announced that they will hold an Android launch event, with invites being sent out for the 29th October in New York City, USA.

Google Launch Event

With a tag line reading “The playground is open” on the invitation, Google have not let on what they will be launching. However, rumours have been increasing over the last few weeks about the possibility of a new Nexus smartphone.

Beginning at 10am New York Time, 3pm GMT, the Google Android event will also be streamed live on YouTube.

After the huge success of the Google Nexus 7 tablet, any Nexus smartphone now has a lot to live up to.

Are you excited by the news of an Android announcement? What do you think it could be? Let us know in the comments below.

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iPhone 5 Tri-Fold and Festive Collection NEW from Proporta

Proporta has launched new additions to its iPhone 5 case collection, including a brand new, unique cover style called Tri-Fold. And with thoughts already turning to Christmas, there are three new festive themed iPhone 5 cases.


iPhone Tri-Fold Cases – £29.95
Black and Red, Blue and Grey, White and Red

iPhone 5 case - Tri-Fold Black & GreyiPhone 5 case - Tri-Fold Blue & GreyiPhone 5 case - Tri-Fold White & Red

Using a secure fold over a magnetic flap, this iPhone 5 cover safely houses and shields the iPhone without adding unnecessary bulk or weight. Plus, the inside of this newly designed case is home to some handy card slots so you can keep all that’s important in one place.

iPhone 5 Festive Hard Shells – £14.95
Kringle, Blitzen, Prancer

Festive iPhone 5 Cover CollectionFestive iPhone 5 cover - Blitzen

With festive prints having a strong presence in the world of fashion, embrace all things Christmassy with these wintry looking iPhone 5 cases.

These new iPhone 5 case collections are now available to pre-order from Proporta.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini announced

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini has been announced, confirming speculation over the last few months that the South Korean tech company would release a smaller smartphone in the Galaxy range.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

The announcement will come as good news to those who aren’t a fan of a super-sized phone. With no word yet on a release date, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini has some impressive features but makes some sacrifices to be classed as a smaller smartphone.

While we get to work on creating a lovely range of Samsung Galaxy  S3 Mini cases, find out the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini specs in our quick rundown:

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Specs
– 4-inch screen
– 480 x 800 Super AMOLED display
– 1GHz dual-core processor
– 16GB memory
– 5MP rear camera with LED flash
– microSD card slot
– 1,500mAh battery

Keep an eye on Proporta for a range of new Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini case. However, if you have its larger sibling, you can find Samsung Galaxy S3 cases and accessories at Proporta.

How to survive a zombie attack

With Halloween approaching, you may find that you’re at the centre of a zombie attack and don’t know what to do. Put down that hand-made slingshot, there’s no need for violence when you live in a world full of useful smartphone accessories and apps. Whether you have an Android or Apple phone/tablet, you can make sure you’re fully prepared in case of the event that we are taken over by the undead with the following Proporta survival kit.

Zombies - aaah!

Sports Armband
You’ll need to be fit as a fiddle if you’re going to be running away from horrid monsters, so the Sports Armband for iPhone and other smartphones will help you in all your training. We suggest listening to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ to get you in the mood while running.

Sports Armband

TurboCharger 7000 External Battery
In times of impending doom, there’s nothing worse than running out of battery juice. Make sure you can take advantage of all your handy apps like the compass, maps and Facebook so you can update on the run “I’m being chased by Zombies… Help!” The TurboCharger 7000 can charge your phone up several times and is lightweight enough to carry in your bag.

TurboCharger 7000

BeachBuoy Waterproof Case
Don’t let water or blood spatter slow you down in your escape. With the BeachBuoy waterproof case, your phone is kept dry and clean and remains in use in up to 5 metres of water.

BeachBuoy Waterproof Case

Hard Shell Smartphone Cases and Screen Protectors
Keep your smartphone protected from the inevitable drops, knocks and monster grabs you’ll face. The Proporta hard shell iPhone 5 covers are tough and lightweight, while the iPhone 5 screen protectors make sure the screen is safe.

iPhone 5 Covers

Elephant Camouflage Kit – £ 1,175,000.00 (bargain!)
Lastly, with our Elephant Camouflage Kit, this is the closest you’ll get to becoming invisible. Make sure you stay out of sight and blend in, and hope that zombies have a terrible sense of smell.

Elephant Camo Kit

3 of the Best Mobile Car Kits

Keeping in touch while you’re on the road has become a bit of a necessity, so owning the right mobile car kits is essential. Whether it’s for work, safety or directions, having a good dashboard mount for your phone or other gadget is becoming increasingly important. Find out which mobile car kits Proporta thinks would be best for you in our quick guide below.

GripStick – £4.95


For under a fiver, the GripStick dashboard pad has become a runaway success at Proporta. This ingenious product takes up no room, adds no bulk and doesn’t leave any horrid marks or residue behind. Simply place the GripStick dashboard pad on the dashboard surface and stick your phone, MP3 player or Satnav to it. These mobile car kits keep the phone in place, without causing any weird stickiness to be left behind anywhere.

Magnetic Vehicle Docking System – £2.95

Mobile Car Kits

The Proporta Magnetic Vehicle Docking System uses a tough, lever-activated suction mounting system to attach itself securely to your vehicle windscreen. Now you can securely attach a Proporta Alu-Leather case to these mobile car kits – ideal for GPS.

Dual USB Car Charger – £12.95

Car Charger

Make sure your phone, GPS or other gadgets don’t run out of juice when you’re on the road, with the in-car charger form Proporta. With two USB ports, you can charge two devices at the same time using your car cigarette lighter.

You can find all these mobile car kits at Proporta.

New Google Nexus smartphone imminent

The latest addition to Google’s Nexus range of products is expected to be launched in the coming weeks.

It has been around one year since the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was released – a fact that has added fuel to the rumours of a new Nexus phone arriving very soon.

Nexus phone

Tech sites and speculators claim that there have been numerous sources seeming to confirm the new Nexus phone release this month (October 2012) as well as a new Android operating system update.

Following the success of the Google Nexus 7 tablet, interest and sales of Android devices have both  increased, making sure that any new release will be keenly anticipated.

Are you excited about the prospect of a new Google Nexus phone being released? What new features would you like to see? Let us know in the comments box.

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