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Angry Birds makers to launch Bad Piggies

It seems like most of the world has become addicted to Angry Birds at some point in the last few years, and now Rovio, the Finnish company behind the mobile game, is launching a spin-off called ‘Bad Piggies’.

Bad Piggies

Starting life as an iPhone app, Angry Birds has gone on to take over mobile platforms, as well as various merchandise ventures and has been downloaded in its many forms over one billion times.

Now aiming to emulate this success, Rovio’s Bad Piggies is based on getting those evil little pigs to  the finish line, collecting stars by constructing vehicles to get them there.

With the latest instalment of Angry Birds Space not performing as well as its predecessors, all eyes will be on Rovio to see if they can get themselves back up to the top after their relatively unsuccessful Amazing Alex game.

Will you be trying out Bad Piggies? Or have you had enough of those strangely coloured critters?

iOS 6 update – What you need to know

Just ahead of the new iPhone 5 launch, Apple is releasing the iOS 6 update to its mobile devices today (19th September). If you’ve been asking yourself “How do I get iOS 6?” take a look at our quick guide, including information on iOS 6 features.
iOS 6 updateWhat is iOS 6?
This is the latest version of Apple’s operating system for:
– iPhone 5 (will come pre-loaded on release date 21st Sept)
– iPhone 4S
– iPhone 4
– iPhone 3GS
– The new iPad (AKA iPad 3)
– iPad 2
– iPod touch 4g
– iPod touch 5g (pre-loaded, out in October)

How much will it cost?
Free free free!

When can I get it?
From 19th September 2012 onwards, the iOS 6 update will be available. No time has been given specifically but usually the new OS for Apple is made available around 6pm GMT.

iOS Features
– The new things your i-Stuff will be able to do as a result of the iOS update include:
– New Maps app made by Apple themselves (say goodbye to the Google apps that were once as standard) with turn-by-turn navigation
– Facebook integration means you’ll be able to “Like” from within many apps and update your status using Siri
– FaceTime will be available via 3G as well as Wi-Fi
– Passbook will allow your iPhone into a mobile boarding pass, ticket and coupon
– Panoramic camera option

How do I get iOS 6?
If you’ve been asking “How do I get iOS 6?” and no one has answered you, don’t fret, for we have some simple instructions for your here (based on previous updates).

1) As soon as it has become available, go to Settings > General > Software Update and you’ll be able to start downloading over the air using your Wi-Fi connection.

2) You can also downloading the update using your USB cable and iTunes. Just select the device you’re updating in iTunes and click on ‘Check for Update’, then follow the instructions.

3) Bear in mind that each time there’s a new iOS update there can be long delays and you may find you think it is downloading, only to be told it has not worked. It can be better to wait until the day after once the demand has lessened.

4) Always make sure you backup your iPhone, iPod or iPad before beginning the process, just in case it goes horribly wrong and you lose everything. This is never a good thing.

iPhone 5 Cases
iPhone 5 cases
Don’t forget, if you’re lucky enough to be getting the latest iPhone, you can find our new range of iPhone 5 cases available today for pre-order with a free screen protector.

iPhone 5 case pre-orders come with FREE Screen Protector

Proporta iPhone 5 Cases
Proporta’s brand new line-up of iPhone 5 cases and accessories is now available to pre-order with each case pre-order receiving a free screen protector worth £4.95.

From our signature leather iPhone case with aluminium lining to a new range of colourful iPhone cover hard shells, there is a lovely selection waiting to protect and accessorise the brand new iPhone 5 (once you get your mitts on it).

With the latest Apple smartphone boasting a larger display and thinner body made entirely from glass an aluminium, you’ll certainly want to keep it safe from potential impact damage caused by scratches, drops and knocks.

Will you be in the queues eagerly trying to get acquainted with the new iPhone 5? Let us know what you think of the launch in the comments section below.

You can find a range of iPhone 5 accessories at Proporta today to pre-order.

New iPod touch and nano revealed by Apple

It wasn’t just the iPhone 5 that was announced by Apple at their press event in California. There are now two brand new iPod models available: a new iPod nano 7G and a brand new iPod touch, both available in a multitude of colours, as well as new colours available for iPod Shuffle.

Head of Product at Proporta, Lynnette Prigmore, expressed her excitement for the new range of iPods: “With the new iPod nano finally making a reappearance to our shelves and the new iPod shuffle getting a small makeover, we’ve been working around the clock to get new designs ready to launch on our website and to our retail partners. Being one of the only accessories manufacturers to cover all of the Apple family, this is a very big launch for Proporta… It’s now that the fun starts. The iPod touch has impressed; a panoramic camera feature, 1080p video camera, Siri and the A5 chip from the previous iPhone 4S, Apple continues to dominate the MP3 player market so much so now that even that term seems to have become defunct.”

New iPod nano 7G Features

Larger display multi-touch screen – 2.5-inch

7 colours

‘Lightning’ connector

Widescreen video


Longest battery life – 30 hours


5G iPod touch Features
– due in October

6.1mm thin

Headphone jack on the bottom

Retina display

A5 Chip

Improved graphics for game-play


Widescreen video

iSight Camera: 5 megapixels, autofocus, flash, Sapphore lens, camera strap can be attached

1080p HD video camera, video editing, FaceTime



iPod shuffle

New colours now available for the iPod shuffle

Brand new earphones were also announced, appropriately called EarPods which have been engineered through scanning hundreds of ears.

iPod touch loop
A wristlet loop that attaches to the new iPod touch.

New iTunes
A brand new version of iTunes has been announced too, with plenty of new features, namely its Facebook integration.

We look forward to finding out more about the new iPod nano and iPod touch range, as well as the brand new iPhone 5. In the meantime, Proporta remains one of the only accessories companies to provide protective cases and accessories for all Apple products.

iPhone 5 available to pre-order from this Friday

It’s been very hard to ignore, but the iPhone 5 has now been announced to the world by Apple at their press event in California today.

We’ve got the initial lowdown sorted for you with the brand new features…

iPhone 5 Launch

Shape, Size and Weight
7.6mm thin (18% thinner than the iPhone 4S)
112g (20% lighter)

Made from
Entirely from glass and aluminium

Larger screen (4-inch) fits in 5 rows of apps
326 pixels per inch

Network and Connectivity
Ultra-Fast Wireless

iSight camera with 8 megapixels
2364×2448 resolution
25% smaller camera
Sapphire crystal
Dynamic lowlight mode

Video Camera
FaceTime will be available on cellular networks
1080p HD video camera
Face Detection
Take photos while recording
Improved video stabilisation

New connector called ‘Lightning’

Battery Life
8 hours with LTE
10 hours with wifi

Improved noise cancellation

$199 for 16GB up to $399 for 64GB.

iOS 6
Launches 19th September

Available to pre-order this Friday and ships on 21st September in US, UK, Canada, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, all on the 21st.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire announcement – the lowdown

A brand new range of Kindle Fire models have been announced by Amazon at a press event held in California, USA yesterday.

The rest of the world has had to wait almost a year for the Kindle Fire to cross the oceans, and now we’re spoilt for choice with two versions of the Amazon tablet being released in the coming weeks.

Just in time for the Christmas rush and beating Microsoft in the tablet race, the new Kindle Fire HD range will surely give the Google Nexus 7 a run for its money.

If you were confused by the announcement, you can be forgiven as different versions, prices and capabilities can put your head into a bit of a spin. Thankfully, we haven’t let that Friday feeling get the better of us (yet) and have put together everything you need to know about the Kindle Fire HD range so you can make an informed decision on your new tablet of choice.

Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire HD
16 GB version £159
32GB version £199
According to Amazon, this is “the world’s most-advanced 7” tablet”
– 7” HD display 1280×800, up to 720p HD
– Super-fast Wi-Fi
– Dolby audio
– 11 hours battery life
– Dimensions: 19.3 cm x 13.7 cm x 1.03 cm
– Weight: 395g
– Access to 22 million films, songs, apps and other media content

New Kindle Fire

New Kindle Fire £129
The upgraded version of the Kindle Fire that has been available in the States for a while.
– 7″ colour touchscreen 1024×600
– Faster processor – 1.2GHz processor and 1GB RAM
– Double the memory – 8GB plus Cloud storage
– Longer battery life – 9 hours mixed use
– Dimensions: 18.9 cm x 12 cm x 1.15 cm
– Weight: 400g

Look forward to some brilliant new Kindle Fire cases from Proporta around the corner. In the meantime, you can see all our existing Kindle covers now.

BREAKING: Apple sends invites to media event on Sept 12

Apple has sent the Twittersphere into overdrive with its announcement today that it will hold a media event next Wednesday 12th September.

In typical Apple form, there is not much given away in the simple yet striking invitation: simply the words “It’s almost here” accompanied by a giant “12” and a little Apple logo.

Apple media event invite

The event will take place in San Francisco, USA at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater where the new iPad was launched a few months back.

With iOS 6 already announced earlier this year, what do you think could be announced next week?

New Kindle Fire to launch 6th September?

Rumours seemed to have reached fever pitch this week for the highly anticipated Kindle Fire 2 with many tech sites reporting it could be launched Thursday 6th September.

Amazon have announced they will be holding a press event in Los Angeles on the 6th with many believing the time has finally come for them to bring the Kindle Fire 2 to the world, and hopefully Europe.

Kindle Fire

The UK and other European countries have been waiting for the Kindle Fire to arrive for around a year now, since the original was released in the US in 2011.

With the Google Nexus 7 performing nicely in the Android market since its launch several weeks ago, as well as a new Samsung and Microsoft tablet to throw into the mix, Amazon are expected to compete in the tablet race on these shores sooner rather than later.

With (dare we say it) Christmas coming up soon, Proporta is keen to see what Amazon announces this week as we continue to provide cases and accessories to deal with the so-called “Year of the Tablet” that 2012 has definitely become.

In the meantime, you can find a range of Kindle covers for existing models, including Kindle Fire covers at Proporta.