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Cycling directions now on Google Maps for Android

The Google Maps app for Android now includes cycling directions in the UK as well as numerous European countries and North America.

It is now possible to access voice-guided navigation, turn-by-turn on smartphones that run Android. Cycling directions recently made an appearance on the web version of Google Maps, and now that’s it has been made available on Google’s mobile operating system, it opens up massive opportunity for finding your way on your bike.

Google Maps app

However, if you have an iPhone you may have to wait as the Google Maps app has not been updated for this purpose as yet. With Apple’s very own version of a Maps app launching with iOS 6, there has been plenty of speculation that a brand new Google Maps app will be made available to buy from the App Store later this year.

Proporta’s Bike Mounted case ideal
Now there’s even more of a reason to grab a BeachBuoy BikeMount from Proporta. Attaching to your bike’s handlebars, all capacitive touchscreen phones can be used through this waterproof bike mounted case, which means there’s now no excuse for getting lost on two wheels.

BeachBuoy BikeMount

The BeachBuoy Bike Mounted case is available from Proporta and is compatible with a range of Android-run smartphones.

Got a Google Nexus 7? Keep it safe with Proporta

If you’re one of the lucky ones with a brand new Google Nexus 7 tablet, then you’ll probably need to prize your eyes away from it for a moment to look for a suitable protective solution (unless you’re reading this on your Nexus of course).

We know how valuable a new tablet can be, not only in terms of money spent on it but also what it means to your daily routine. That’s why Proporta’s leather-style Google Nexus 7 case is the ideal accessory you’ll need for keeping it safely protected while looking great.

Proporta Google Nexus 7 caseProporta Google nexus 7 Case


Made from a lovely faux-leather, this classic black Nexus 7 case feels soft in the hands and has a slimline design so it can be taken anywhere without any dramas.

This Google Nexus 7 case allows you take advantage of all features and functions whilst keeping it tucked away out of harm’s reach.

The leather-style Google Nexus 7 case is now available to buy at Proporta.

Proporta’s Up to 70% Off Sale ends Friday

Proporta iPhone 4 / 4S Case Sale


Proporta’s Massive Sale on iPhone 4 and 4S cases is drawing to a close. To make sure you get the best deals on some of Proporta’s favourite cases, visit our iPhone 4/4S Sale page now.

With huge reductions of up to 70% off, you can protect and accessorise your iPhone 4S or iPhone and save plenty at the same time. But hurry, this sale ends on Friday 31st August 2012.

Google Nexus 7 Case – Behind the Scenes with Proporta

Ever wondered how Proporta makes its fine products, including the brand new Google Nexus 7 Case – Leather Style? Well you’re in for a treat, as we take you behind the scenes showing you our hand-crafted cases being lovingly made ready to keep your gadgets snug and protected.

Our Head of Product, Lynnette Prigmore, recently gave an interview on Geek Native about how we decide on new products, as well as giving some insight into the Google Nexus 7 case and its manufacturing process and we’ve got all the best bits right here for you. Plus, we’ve got some great photos of how our cases are made, including our highly anticipated Google Nexus 7 case.

Q. When/how do you decide the time is right to create a case design for a device? Is it purely a commercial decision based on how well the gadget is selling?

A: This is our trickiest challenge, but one we’re pretty used to after 16 years in the game. We assess a number of things and how well the gadget is selling can be part of it, but often our retailers and customers want the accessory at the same time as they buy their gadget so we don’t always have this information to hand. If this is the case then we look at customer pre-interest, how well a predecessor or similar gadget has performed and add a little bit of gut feel too.

Q. Are you surprised at how well the Nexus 7 is selling?

A: Not at all, given the marketing efforts and price point they’ve positioned the Nexus 7 at. It’s made this sort of gadget much more accessible to anyone who wasn’t too keen on forking out hundreds of £s on a tablet device.


Q. How long does it take to design a case for a tablet?

A: A lot depends on the style of the device and what materials we choose to use, but in our industry we have to move pretty fast so we usually have key times of the year where we put a range of designs together and then we can gain a much faster turnaround – At our busiest times this can be just a matter of hours. We have an excellent in house design team!

Q. What sort of inspiration do you draw on when thinking about tablet case design?

A: We look at the market and what else is available out there, we survey our customers and also use the different devices as much as possible in order to gain a real feel for the device and its needs in terms of accessories from the customer perspective.

Google Nexus 7 Case - the finished product

You can find our new leather style Google Nexus 7 case at Proporta.

Pocket Power to the rescue

Have you seen the latest addition to Proporta’s TurboCharger family? Introducing the Pocket Power for those last-minute urgent calls when you don’t have enough battery juice.

Have you ever had that crushing moment of realisation that your battery is about to die on you when you need to make an urgent call or send a quick text? No need to worry anymore, when you have the Pocket Power emergency charger for smartphones and other mobile gadgets.


TurboCharger Pocket PowerTurboCharger Pocket Power

TurboCharger Pocket Power – £12.95
At just 7mm in width, you won’t even notice you’ve got all that power in your pocket, as explained by Proporta’s Head of Product, Lynnette Prigmore: “Offering Pocket Power to our customers is the natural next step given the long-term popularity of our TurboCharger range. Perfect for that last-train-home phone call or when you’ve lost your mates at a festival and need an extra boost… and it slides easily into your wallet or purse too so you won’t notice you’ve got it until you really need it.”

Power Wallet Bundle – £22.95
The TurboCharger Pocket Power is now also available together with the latest leather wallet from Proporta and is compatible with iPhone, iPod, Samsung & HTC devices as well as numerous other similar mobile gadgets.

Proporta Pocket Power Wallet BundleProporta Pocket Power Wallet Bundle

Pocket Power Tech Specs
– Dimensions: 90 x 54 x 7mm
– 680 mAh capacity
– LED lighting to indicate amount of charge left
– Charge a range of devices with Micro USB, including Apple mobile devices via an iPod/iPhone connector.

Which tablet should I buy? 5 of the best tablets

If you’ve found yourself asking “Which tablet should I buy?” then you can certainly be forgiven, given the number of choices out there at the moment. We keep hearing that 2012 is the year of the tablet, so which one should you go for? We’ve prepared a quick list of all the high-flying best tablets out there this year so you can decide for yourself.

1) Apple iPad 3 (AKA The new iPad)
Released: March 2012
Top features: Retina display, sleek design, extensive app collection, up to 64GB storage, super fast
Operating system: iOS
Price: from £399
Large range of iPad 3 cases available

iPad 3

2) Google Nexus 7 made by Asus
Released: July 2012
Top features: Affordable, slim and small, scratch-resistant screen, HD display
Operating system: Android
Price: from £159
Google Nexus 7 cases now available with more on the way very soon

Google Nexus 7

3) Microsoft Surface
Released: expected October 2012
Top Features: Micro SD card slot, keyboard/stand included, choice of 5 colours, 2 versions
Operating system: Windows RT & Windows 8 Pro
Price: Unknown

Microsoft Surface

4) Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Released: August 2012
Top Features: 5 megapixel camera with flash, 2GB RAM, up to 64GB storage
Operating system: Android
Price: around £400

Galaxy Note 10.1

5) Amazon Kindle Fire
Released: November 2011 in US, expected in UK later this year
Top Features: 8 hours battery life for reading, 1 GHz dual-core processor, affordable
Operating system: Android
Price: US$199

Kindle Fire

Train like Chris Hoy and Wiggo with Proporta’s new Cycling Bundle

If you’ve been inspired by the cycling masters like Sir Chris Hoy, Bradley Wiggins and Victoria Pendleton then now you can aim for greatness too with the brand new Cycling Bundle from Proporta.

Cycling BundleFeaturing the hugely popular BeachBuoy Bike Mounted Waterproof Case which mounts onto bike handlebars, you can take your iPhone, iPod or other small smart devices out on your bike in wet and dirty conditions. Use smartphone cycling apps and GPS on your bike with this waterproof case.

Plus, included in this new bundle never lose your way in the dark with the Solar Keyring Torch powered by sunlight as well as the handy Lanyard to keep your keys and other valuables close by.

Cycling Bundle is available now for only £14.95 (limited promotional price) and can be found at Proporta.

Proporta’s Elfi live TV Olympic proposal makes national news

Proporta’s very own Elfi Czinegeova was proposed to by her lovely (and very brave) boyfriend, Tom, on Saturday on live television at the Olympics Beach Volleyball event in front of 15,000 spectators and plenty more watching at home.

Now the star of the office and the UK’s media, Elfi came into Proporta HQ grinning from ear to ear with her fantastic news (she said yes of course).

Proposal image sourced from The Telegraph

Proposal image sourced from The Telegraph

You can find Elfi and Tom featured in The Telegraph, The Argus (local Brighton paper), and all over the social networks as sports fans tweeted pictures and wished the couple well.

Described by the lady herself, Elfi could not be happier with her choice of partner: “I still have a lump in my throat to be honest. I feel so happy and overwhelmed that it’s difficult to describe my feelings right now. It is all so surreal. I love Tom more than anything else in the world and have an even stronger connection to him now than ever. I have a lot of respect for him and am very impressed by him pulling this all together. I’m the happiest women on the planet being wanted and loved by such an amazing man.”

Elfi happy at work

Elfi on her return to work with a very excited Debbie hand

If this isn’t an occasion for a glass of bubbly and cakes, then we don’t know what is. Watch the epic proposal captured on video below.

3 Kindle covers perfect for summer holidays

Planning an escape from the doom and gloom of ‘The Great British Summer’? Chances are you will be taking your e-reader along with you to relax and unwind in the sunshine wherever you are. Take a look at our handy guide that runs down 3 of our favourite Kindle covers to make sure you can enjoy your break without having to worry about your Kindle.

1. Waterproof Kindle Case – BeachBuoy for e-readers
These Kindle 4 cases allow you to e-read in full confidence around water and dirt. Whether you’re floating on a pool lilo, bathing on a white sand beach or lounging on a boat, your e-reader will be protected in up to 5 metres of water (BSI approved and everything!).

BeachBuoy Waterproof Kindle Covers

2. Kindle 4 Cases – Leather style with ‘Butterflies’ design
For Kindle covers that suit their exotic environment, this ‘Butterflies’ design is certainly the way forward. Bright colours and vibrant butterflies on high quality faux-leather make for a fashionable and extremely protective Kindle case for summer holidays.


Kindle 4 Cases - Butterflies

3. Kindle Covers – Pouch
Ideal for holidays, this leather style Kindle case is easy to pack and won’t get in the way on the flight.


Kindle cases - Pouch

You can find a range of Kindle covers at Proporta, where there are plenty of additional options.

Is the Kindle Fire UK release on the horizon?

Talk of the Kindle Fire UK release has escalated in the last few weeks with rumours abound as to when it will finally hit these shores.

Kindle Fire UK release
On sale in the US since November of last year, the Kindle Fire launch has been somewhat of a mystery in the UK and other territories, despite all the other versions being made available here in good time.

Now, some large electronics retailers have fuelled Kindle Fire UK release speculation by listing Amazon’s tablet as a main contender in the Christmas 2012 favourites, which suggests it could be with us in the next few months.

However, according to various online sources, not only is the Kindle Fire launch imminent, but there is a second version of the tablet in the pipelines which could also be released in time for the festive period.

Of course it is not impossible to get hold of the Fire from the US, which means there are a lucky few here in the UK who already own one. Proporta offers a good Kindle Fire cover range to ensure that they can keep their tablets protected.

While the rest of us wait for its arrival, you can find an extensive Kindle Fire case selection at the Proporta website as well as a range of Kindle covers for the rest of the versions available to us now.