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iPad 3 accessories – 5 of our favourites

When it comes to iPad 3 accessories, Proporta has it covered. Aside from the vast choice in iPad 3 cases we have, there are plenty of bits and bobs that will really make the most of your Apple tablet, allowing you to enjoy it to its full potential. Take a look at some of our favourite iPad 3 accessories if you’re keen to take things to the next level.

1. New iPad Stylus – Dibber

iPad stylus - dibber

If you’ve gone crazy for the Draw Something app, then this iPad stylus is just what you need (Sarah in our marketing team swears by it and has created some winning masterpieces). To get the best precision when drawing, or just for general use, these iPad 3 accessories go hand in hand with your Apple baby.

2. TurboCharger 7000 Emergency Charger

TurboCharger 7000 emergency charger

Don’t get caught short without any battery power when you’re on the go with the scarily handy TurboCharger 7000. Capable of charging two devices separately, you can use this emergency charger to juice up a vast selection of USB connected gadgets over and over again.

3. Twisted Portable Speakers

Portable speakers

If you’re looking to crank out the tunes, then these iPad 3 accessories are a must. Don’t let their small size deceive you though, as these are surprisingly loud little things. Powered by USB or AAA batteries, you can take your sound on the go.

4. Touchscreen Gloves

Touch screen gloves

Summer is on its way (we hope) but you never know when you’ll need to keep those hands warm, particularly if you use a tablet for work outside. Either way, these touch screen gloves will come in handy during winter as they allow you to use any capacitive touch screen without needing to take them off.

5. iPad 3 Case – Union Jack Back Shell

iPad 3 cases

No iPad 3 accessories list would be the same without iPad 3 cases. There are plenty to choose from at Proporta, and the Union Jack iPad 3 case is one of our favourites for its bright design and hard protection.

Find a range of iPad 3 accessories with Proporta.

Samsung Galaxy S3 now available for pre-order on Amazon

As one of this year’s most anticipated arrivals, we’re all waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S3 release date to be revealed. However, it seems that Amazon Germany cannot wait any longer, as they have made the Samsung Galaxy S3 available for pre-order sending the tech work into a bit of a frenzy, with reports of record sales already.

Samsung Galaxy S3 release

As the latest Samsung Galaxy release date has yet to be announced, speculation has been in overdrive on the web with rumours flying left, right and centre. Experts are predicting however that the Samsung Galaxy release date will be revealed on 3rd May.

What details does the Amazon listing show?
The product listing on suggests that the new Samsung Galaxy S3 will feature:

– €599 price tag
– 12-megapixel camera
– 4.7” Super AMOLED display
– 16GB storage
– In-built LED flash
– Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS
– No release date

Are you excited for this hint at the brand new S3 being unveiled? Or do you think it’s just Amazon getting a little bit ahead of themselves with the Samsung Galaxy S3 release? In the meantime, you can find Samsung cases at Proporta.

Essential Festival Gear Checklist

Going to any of the music festivals this year? You’ll need our essential festival gear list to make sure that you’re not caught short, particularly when it comes to your smartphone. Whether you need the best protection in the form of an iPhone 4S case, or are desperate for an affordable emergency charger solution, our festival supplies checklist will be right up your street. Make sure you can enjoy the music and soak up the atmosphere of music festivals this year without that niggling feeling that your phone and other belongings are not taken care of.

iPhone 4S Case – Emergency Charger

iPhone 4S case - Power

We all know that keeping your smartphone juiced up is not an easy or especially fun thing to do at music festivals. What if we told you there was a way to charge and protect your phone without queuing, paying ridiculous fees or adding any bulk to your festival supplies? This iPhone 4S case does just that – providing you with an emergency charger whilst your phone is encased, you can get on with cheering on your favourite bands knowing you’ve got protection and battery life.

Festival Gear Must – Solar Keyring Torch

Festival gear - Solar Keyring Torch

This great gadget should be high up on every festival supplies list. Simply add it to your keyring, let is soak some sun up and you will have a bright torch for those nights when stumbling around other peoples’ tents just isn’t an option.

BeachBuoy – Waterproof iPhone 4S Case

BeachBuoy Waterproof iPhone 4S case

When you think of the best British music festivals, it’s fair to say that images of torrential downpour, soaked revellers and mud slide carnage are what come to mind. Make sure your phone and other valuables are kept safe from the inevitable inclement weather by popping them into the BeachBuoy, Proporta’s 100% waterproof iPhone 4S case (also fits other smartphones).

These innovative Proporta favourites will certainly allow you to get on with getting lively at music festivals this year.

Get 16% off Proporta cases and accessories to celebrate our 16th birthday

Proporta 16% off


Proporta’s Sweet 16th Birthday
This week there’ll be 16 candles on our birthday cake, and to say thank you for your support throughout our childhood years, we’d like to offer you an exclusive 16% off all Proporta cases and accessories. Just enter promotion code SWEET16 when you checkout. But hurry, this offer ends 30th April 2012!

iPhone 4S cases and accessories to take on holiday

Picking iPhone 4S cases for different circumstances and situations is very important to ensure that your phone remains protected and looking great no matter what you’re doing or where you are. For that reason, when you write your holiday packing list it’s vital that you include iPhone 4S case as one of the priority items. But what sort of cover will be suitable to your time away? Whether you need an iPhone 4S waterproof case or something purely for its look, find out the best iPhone 4S cases Proporta has to offer for all sorts of jollies.

Beach Getaways
iPhone 4S Waterproof Case – Proporta BeachBuoy

iPhone 4S case - BeachBuoy<br />

If you’re looking to escape the dreary weather and head for sunnier climes, the chances are you’ll be by the sea or at least poolside. Make sure you protect your smartphone from sleeping with the fishes, or even getting damaged from a splash with the BeachBuoy, Proporta’s iPhone 4S waterproof case. 100% waterproof in up to 5 metres of water, you can relax by the water without worrying.

City Breaks
iPhone 4S Power Case

iPhone 4S case - Power
The Power case is ideal for anyone looking to sightsee and get the most out of their phone on long days out. This iPhone 4S case protects and recharges your phone at the same time, making sure that you don’t have to run out of battery when you’re out and about in the local town or exploring ’til it’s dark.

BeachBuoy BikeMount

iPhone 4S case - BeachBuoy BikeMount

If you love nothing but action packed trips and adrenalin fuelled activities on your time off, then the BikeMount is the ideal iPhone 4S case for you. Strapping securely to your bike handlebars, the BikeMount is an iPhone 4S waterproof case that allows full use of a smartphone through the window of the case.

Find a range of great iPhone 4S cases with Proporta.

Happy Birthday to us… Proporta turns 16

We at Proporta are celebrating our Sweet 16th birthday next week and would love for you to celebrate with us (watch this space for treats to come). But while we wait for the festivities to begin, we’d like to show you what we’ve been up to from birth ’til our adolescence. So if you’ve got an iPhone 4S case, an iPad 3 case or Kindle covers from us, we’re hoping you’ll love to find out more about how we got to where we are today… We promise to keep our trip down memory lane short, so pop the kettle on and you’ll be ready for your brew in 16 years’ time (not actual years).

1996 – Guy Monson and Mike Coombes make plans over a pint of beer to create a protective case for Guy’s Psion handheld organiser.

1997 – PalmTec is registered by the pair as a company that is the first in the world to produce a hard case for the Psion.

1998 – The first delivery is made, comprised of 2,000 Psion cases and not much in the way of an office. Step in family and friends to share the load.
Proporta's first ever case
1999 – Business takes off and the boys move into their first ever office (much to the relief of their families). New cases are created for additional Psion models.

2000 – PalmTec works to cater for the ever-growing PDA market, a one-man IT department is brought in, and Preston from the Ordinary works in the warehouse for a bit.

2001 – Not much happened, except for a little thing called the iPod. Yes, the first ever Apple iPod was released and the music world was changed forever…

2002 – Proporta is born again with its rebranding from PalmTec. Did you know that our name is derived from ‘professional’ and ‘portable’? Neat eh?

Proporta is born

2003 – Salut! Hola! Olá! Hallo! Ciao! Proporta launches French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian websites to share the love globally. It’s also the year of Proporta’s first ever Aluminium Lined Leather Case – what would become the company’s signature product.

2004 – Proporta expands and relocates from Brighton to new offices in Hove, actually. Mike gets married to Tink.

2005 – The team go paintballing and the first ever Proporta baby is born, as Amanda gave birth to Amelie.

2006 – Proporta is on the move again, this time to a business park at the beautiful South Downs with a lovely sea view (after the car park). Mobile device chargers are launched and win lots of awards.

Proporta relocates to the South Downs

2007 – Proporta begins its relationship with British fashion brand, Ted Baker – the start of a wonderful new relationship.

2008 – The extended Proporta family gets larger with new babies, new members of the team and a new brand unveiled.


2009 – Amanda, the longest serving member of the Proporta team, says goodbye to the team after over 9 years. But we say hello to Darwin, the lovable Border Collie who brings a smile to the office with his antics as Proporta’s first puppy. New iPhone and iPod touch models are launched.

Proporta's office dog, Darwin

2010 – iPad is launched and the office goes into overdrive to get a worthy range of cases and accessories out. Later on, iPhone 4 comes along and sends the office back into a frenzy.

2011 – Proporta starts a new relationship with Quiksilver for cases across numerous devices and the iPad 2 is released and iPhone 4S case options become focus with the latest Apple release.

2012 – Proporta reaches adolescence officially and turns Sweet 16, looking forward to the future.

Phew! Time for a cuppa. We’d like to thank all our loyal “Proportians” who’ve been with us since the beginning, and welcome any new ones too.

You can find a range of iPhone 4S Case choices at Proporta.

Instagram – what you need to know

It has certainly been hard to ignore Instagram in the last few weeks. With all the news coverage of its sale to Facebook and its launch onto the Android platform, Instagram photos have taken centre-stage and broken out of the tech bubble into the mainstream. But what is this social craze really all about and is it worth all the hype? In between providing the world with fine iPhone 4S cases, we put together this guide so you can get to know this wildly popular app below.


What is this Instagram malarkey?
Let’s start with the basics. Instagram is a smartphone app that allows you take photos, apply funky filters to them and then share with your friends and the world. Up until recently it was only available on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. However, Instagram on Android is now available, cementing its presence as one of the fastest growing applications since its launch in 2010.

Who runs the show?
Only founded a couple of years ago by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, can you believe that Instagram has just 13 employees? Based in San Francisco, USA Facebook has just bought Instagram for around $1 billion (that is not a typo). The plans so far are to keep the business independently run, so no major changes are expected as yet. However, increased integration with Facebook has been speculated inevitably.

What does it mean for photography?
As the use of this social networking app grows, so too does the criticism about what it means for photography. There has been plenty of discussion among commentators and the art world as to whether Instagram photos that can be altered so quickly and easily can truly count as photography in the traditional sense. However, many believe that this is merely a progression in photography and should be welcomed as an additional way to create aesthetically pleasing images.

Instagram photos by ProportaUnion Jack case by Proporta on InstagramProporta's view on Instagram

Why do we love Instagram photos at Proporta?
If you thought all we did was provide you with wonderful iPhone 4S cases and other accessories, you’d be mistaken. Proporta can also be found using Instagram to update our fans on what’s going on in our office, seeing what our cases look like with filters and sometimes giving a sneak peak into behind-the-scenes activity. So if you want to see what the latest iPhone 4S cases look like with a retro appearance, or like to see what we’ve been up to, just find us on Instagram. Our username is Proporta (original, we know). See you there.

In the meantime, you can find iPhone 4S cases at Proporta.

BeachBuoy Bike Mounted Waterproof Phone Case – New from Proporta

We’ve launched our latest innovative product today, the BeachBuoy BikeMount and are excited to show you this waterproof bike mounted phone case in action in our fun video. We hope you enjoy it.