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Kindle Touch now on sale in UK and Europe

The Kindle Touch release has been announced by Amazon for 27th April and is now available for pre-order across the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. (If you can’t wait that long, there is a great Kindle Touch cover range already at Proporta.)

Kindle Touch

The Kindle Touch – a touch screen e-reader – will be sold as a wi-fi only option for £109 or with wi-fi and 3G for £169, with no connection fee payable monthly.

The new Kindle has been on sale in the US for around five months and has been highly anticipated on European soil since then, with the Kindle Fire still to be released outside of America.

Competing with touch screen e-readers from Sony and Kobo, the Kindle Touch release is set to be the latest in a long line of runaway successes by Amazon and is expected to continue to dominate this market.

With a large Kindle Touch cover range available from Proporta, there are plenty of reasons to keep a new Kindle protected due to its impressive features with a Kindle case, which include:

– “Experimental” web browser
– 70g weight which is heavier than the Kindle 4
– “X-Ray” feature allowing readers to find passages in a book
– Portrait and landscape modes
– Harry Potter will be available as an e-book series to the new Kindle

With so many new features, there’s more reason than ever to make sure that you protect your e-reader with a Kindle case. There is a large Kindle Touch cover choice available at Proporta right now.

Samsung Galaxy S3 release date approaching?

According to numerous online blogs and websites, the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3  release date could be very soon indeed. In fact, we’ve heard the Samsung Galaxy S3 could get its UK release as soon as this week. Here at Proporta, we’re really excited about the prospect of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 (not least because we can’t wait to design and produce a new Samsung Galaxy S3 case range), so we thought we’d run through what some of the expected features could be. Don’t forget you can find Samsung Galaxy S2 cases at Proporta in the meantime.

Samsung Galaxy S3 to be more like Note?

The Galaxy S3 is rumoured to be getting a 4.8 inch HD display which is bigger than the S2 and will make for great viewing and even more of a reason to get a Samsung Galaxy S3 case to protect it. It is also a lot closer to the Galaxy Note tablet/phone hybrid (pictured).

There is also talk of the Samsung Galaxy S3 release boasting an Exynos processor which is a chip that can be likened to those that power PCs and laptops.

We all know that there is massive demand when it comes to the quality of a camera on smartphones in today’s highly competitive market. So the speculation that on the Samsung Galaxy release date the phone giant will be announcing an 8-megapixel camera is not that hard to believe, particularly as this is what the iPhone 4S has.

Operating System
It is more than likely that the S3 will run on the latest Android operating system, ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’.

Whilst we’re all waiting for arguably the most anticipated Android phone to be released (and obviously a Samsung Galaxy S3 case collection from Proporta) you can check out the fantastic choice of Samsung Galaxy S2 cases and other smartphones too.

Your iPhone 4 Case and What it Says About You

Have you ever wondered what your iPhone 4S cases say about you? It’s becoming increasingly common for us all to dress our phones with an iPhone protective case to suit our tastes, so it’s definitely interesting to see how they match our personalities. So whether you have a Ted baker iPhone 4S case or any other type of iPhone 4 cases, find out what onlookers might be thinking when you whip your case out.

Black iPhone 4S caseRed iPhone 4 caseBlue iPhone 4S casesPink iPhone 4S casesPastel iPhone 4S caseWhite iPhone 4 cases

Perhaps the first thing that someone would notice about your iPhone protective case is the colour of it.
Black – If a black iPhone case is your thing, you mean business. Perfect for professionals, a black case is classic and functional.
Red – Have you got a loud and proud bright red iPhone 4 case? If you have, the chances are you’re making a statement whether you know it or not. You want to be noticed and are proud of your style.
Blue – A blue case is versatile and can be suited to both professional and social occasions. Your life is balanced carefully between work and fun.
Pink – Pink iPhone 4S cases are generally for the ladies and show that you are into all things girly and like to enjoy yourself.
Pastels – Cases with pastel colours suggest that you’re more of a demure character and prefer to add class to your phone without being showy.
White – You like things clean, bright and simple. You’re probably very neat and like things to be well looked-after.

Candy Stripe iPhone 4S casesTed Baker iPhone 4S case


Strong and bright – If you have a Ted Baker iPhone 4S case or similar type with a strong design, it’s probably fair to say that you are a creative person. You appreciate art, patterns and love fashion.
Subtle design – There are plenty of iPhone cases that offer one key design elements that stands out. If your phone is encased in this type then we think you’re someone who has great attention to detail and has a keen eye for unique and minimal design.
No pattern – A case with little to no pattern says that you know what you like and you’re not into frills. You want an iPhone protective case to do its job and look great too.

Hard iPhone caseSoft iPhone 4 cases


Soft or Hard
A hard shell iPhone 4 case – suggests you have an active lifestyle and don’t want to take a chance on knocking your smartphone about when you’re in action. Your phone is extremely important to you but you want to be able to use it no matter what you’re doing.
Soft iPhone 4S cases –  are usually for those who want to care for their phone in a gentler manner. You are probably a careful and practical thinker.


Choosing a New iPad Case: Top 5 Tips

When you’re browsing for a new iPad case there are certain important factors that you should bear in mind so that you end up with the perfect iPad case for you. Choosing new iPad cases is definitely not the same as shopping for groceries in the supermarket (mainly because it’s much more fun). With so much of a selection out there you’ll need to know your iPad 2 case from your brand new iPad cases, so we’re here to help you.

New iPad case - Hard Shell

New iPad case - Hard Back Shell

Hard or Soft?

Whilst the Apple Smart Covers are great for screen protection, they leave the back of the iPad without any protection. Hard back shells are perfect if you’re looking for an iPad case that can withstand impact and knocks on the back, so if you’ve got an active lifestyle this will suit you perfectly. If you’d like an iPad leather case for its quality and soft feel, then there are plenty of choices.

A new iPad case can say a lot of about who you are as a person. Accessorise your outfit with brightly coloured and designed cases if you fancy yourself as a bit of a fashionista. If you’re more on the discreet side, a classic black iPad leather case will be right up your street.

Think about what you use your new iPad for and base your case choice on that. For instance, if you tend to view a lot of films or other media on your Apple tablet then buying new iPad cases that have stand functionality will be ideal. If it’s purely for business use, then an organiser style iPad leather case will be your match, such as the Proporta new iPad case with notepad.

If staying on Mother Nature’s good side is important to you, you should opt for new iPad cases made from recyclable material. Luckily, the Proporta Smart range is made from 100% recyclable material so you can do your bit to protect the environment and your tablet.

Proporta Smart New iPad Case

Proporta Smart New iPad Case


If you appreciate the finer things in life, then make sure you choose an iPad leather case that is fit for tech-royalty. Pamper your tablet and yourself with a new iPad case like the Brunswick England range which comes complete with leather care kit and is hand-checked for quality before being sent.

3 Ted Baker iPhone 4S Case Picks for Spring

With such a large selection of Ted Baker iPhone 4S case options available, we’re all spoilt for choice. However, this spring the Ted Baker iPhone case choices need not cause you to be stressed as we outline some of the best iPhone 4S cases from Proporta and the quintessentially British designer label.

1) Ted Baker iPhone 4 Case – Purse Style with Wristlet

Ted Baker iPhone 4S Case - Purse Style

Perfect for ladies, these Ted Baker iPhone 4S cases are ideal for the fashion conscious smartphone user who is looking for practicality too. Made from patent faux-leather, this mobile phone case comes in a choice of black and white croc-skin effect. It also has room for notes and cards, meaning there’s no need to carry around two purses.

2) Ted Baker iPhone Case – Hard Shell Floral Designs

Ted Baker iPhone Case - Floral Designs

With a few different floral designs, these Ted Baker iPhone 4S cases could not be left out of this spring themed list. If you like elegant flowery patterns but hard protection for your phone, then these are definitely the right cases for you.

3) Ted Baker iPhone 4S Case – Fly Fishing

Ted Baker iphone 4 case - Fly Fishing

Think of spring and most of us immediately think of the outdoors and enjoying the milder temperatures. Match this with the Ted Baker iPhone case with ‘Fly Fishing’ design. Perfect for the fresh new season and keeping your smartphone highly protected, these great cases are ideal for this time of year.

Find a range of Ted Baker iPhone cases with Proporta.

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3 New iPad Case Choices for Spring

Choosing a new iPad case is something that should be thought about carefully, especially as the latest tablet offering from Apple is extremely impressive. There’s no excuse for not covering, caring for and protecting it with new iPad cases as there’s so much choice available. Just in time for spring, it’s certainly time for “out with the old and in with the new” so find out which iPad 3 case will be suited to you in our useful guide.

New iPad Cases – Ted Baker

Ted Baker new Pad case


Available in black, white, pink, or grey, these iPad 3 cases are the first that Proporta has made for Ted Baker and offer a wealth of protective and style features. Let’s face it, most of us are now looking for that perfect combination of safeguarding quality as well as the fashion element, and this Ted Baker new iPad case certainly ticks those boxes.

iPad 3 Case – Brunswick England

New iPad Case - Brunswick England

Looking for new iPad cases at the high end? Brunswick England from Proporta will be right up your tree-lined street. Each individual iPad 3 case in this range is checked to ensure it is of the highest quality before being sent out. Made from the finest leather, this new iPad case includes a leather care kit to make sure you can treat it with the luxury it deserves.

New iPad Cases – Hard Shell

New iPad case - Hard Shell ButterfliesFor a robust layer that allows you to access your new iPad screen without any fuss, the hard shell iPad 3 case is ideal. Available in black, white or spring-appropriate butterflies design, there’s something for everyone. The Polycarbonate exterior ensure that bumps, bangs and scratches will not hurt your tablet at all.

Find a range of new iPad cases with Proporta.

The New iPad – Top Features

The new iPad is finally here and with Apple reporting that all pre-orders have sold out throughout the world, it’s clear to see that it is already a hit. But what does the new iPad (not named iPad 3 as widely speculated) have in store for the queues of dedicated “Apple Heads” that are sure to line the streets on release day ready to head home with the latest gadget and a new iPad case too? Find out more in our handy guide.

New iPad

Giving 2048 by 1536 screen resolution, it’s fair to say that a new iPad case will be a wise investment to keep that super-advanced display protected. In fact, it has been suggested that this is the most impressive display that a mobile device has ever had. Sharper than most HD TVs, viewing media will certainly appear unlike anything seen before on such a gadget.

The iPad 3 (please can we call it that?) will also boast an updated camera with 5 mega pixel iSight quality as well as an HD video camera. There’s no need to worry about your new iPad case getting in the way though, as all it takes is for a strategically designed cut-out hole over the lens to ensure all those memories are captured whilst your new tablet is securely protected.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this mixture of letters and numbers look more like a car number plate than something to do with the new iPad. However, we can confirm that this is the latest network capability that promises high-speed internet access to mobile gadgets, and the new iPad will be able to connect to this making on-the-go browsing a pure joy.

New iPad Case

We’re sure you would agree that all this, plus the brand new speedy A5 X processor, make this new Apple gadget something definitely worth buying a new iPad case to protect and accessorise. The Apple Smart Cover is an option yes, but it only protects the screen and does not offer all round protection.

How to Choose a Mobile Phone Case for Sports

If you’re an active person, your mobile phone case has to be able to withstand plenty of extreme conditions, particularly if you use your smartphone as part of your sporting activities. There are many options of iPhone 4S cases or other brands to choose from according to the type of exercise you do, so whether you require a waterproof phone case for watersports or a phone armband for jogging, you’ll certainly find what you’re after with Proporta.

If your sporting activity takes place mainly in the gym and you’re not too keen on the trance coming out of their speakers, you’ll definitely benefit from a phone armband. This nifty mobile phone case wraps around your arm and allows you to job, stretch, and flex at will. Plus, a mobile armband allows you to use the touch screen and other functions without having to remove your device.

For those who are active in and around water, there’s no need to leave your poor little phone behind. Thanks to the Proporta BeachBuoy, the 100% waterproof phone case, you can use your phone in up to 5 metres of water. Whether you’re sailing, surfing or fishing you need not worry about damaging your smartphone with this waterproof phone case.
BeachBuoy waterproof phone case

For iPhone users, making sure you have a hard shell iPhone protective case will always be worth it in a range of sporty situations. Be sure to choose an iPhone protective case that can withstand the knocks of the impact should you drop it whilst engaged in competition. The last thing you need is a phone casualty whilst trying to beat your opponent.

phone armband

Find iPhone 4S cases and a great range of mobile phone case choices with Proporta.

How to Buy a Mobile Phone Case

Selecting the right mobile phone case may seem like a bit of a to-do with so much choice out there, but it really doesn’t have to be. There seems to be a brand new smartphone baby born every five minutes in this fast-paced market. So how do you know which mobile phone case to buy and which one would suit your needs the best? Whether you’re looking for an iPhone 4S case or an HTC Sensation case, this guide will show you just how simple a task it is to ensure you choose the correct protection and style.

mobile phone cases - Proporta

Step 1
Make sure you know exactly which make and model phone you own so that the mobile phone case you buy actually fits. This may sound like quite an obvious consideration, but there are subtle differences between the different models of phone available. For instance, buying iPhone 4S covers for the 3GS model just won’t do. Similarly, you will need a Samsung Galaxy S2 case for that particular model.

Step 2
Think about the type of protection you need for your phone. For example, if you are buying an HTC Sensation case you will see that there are several options, ranging from hard shell covers to soft leather purses. It’s fair to say that the hard shell HTC Sensation case will be better suited to those who need general protection from knocks and scrapes. However, an HTC Sensation case made from leather in a purse style will be much more appropriate for a night out or for the more fashion conscious user.

Step 3
Whether you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S2 case or any other smartphone cover, it’s vital that you apply a screen protector to work alongside your mobile phone case. Screen protectors add a thin invisible layer to your phone’s touch screen display and will allow you to use the interface without worrying about scratch damage.

Step 4
Once you’ve decided on the type of mobile phone case you require, you can narrow the choice down by design. There are plenty of options ranging from the simplest of black leather to colourful and artistic designs to suit your mood.

Just remember, whether you are after iPhone 4S covers, a Samsung Galaxy S2 case or any other brand, the material, design and style are the main factors to bear in mind.

Shop with Proporta
You can find new iPhone 4S covers and other mobile phone cases with Proporta. Unlike market stalls and street vendors, you’ll get a lifetime warranty or most Proporta branded cases and a no quibble exchange policy so no need to find yourself in a customer service argument.