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Sarah’s in the newspaper…

As some of you may or may not yet know Sarah, our French and Spanish Marketing and Customer services executive, was an extra in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. She recently did an interview with a local newspaper (and tried to sneak a Proporta plug in!) on her experience, so click here if you want to read more about it all (yes, she did meet Johnny Depp!) and click here for the picture.

For those of you with eagle-eyes you can see her in the film during the court scene, on the left hand side, wearing an orange dress and shouting 🙂

Europe’s first solar power train tunnel gets switched on…

As some of you may know here at Proporta we are quite into things that are ecologically friendly, which is one of the reasons that we have produced our Smart range of accessories (click here for more info). So when Hiran found an article on Europe’s first solar power train tunnel being switched on we thought this was something that deserved a mention.

The tunnel works by being covered in solar panels, which absorb solar energy to then provide power to Antwerp Central Station.

For more information on this please have a look at this article by clicking here.


Apple announcement…

Last night was the eagerly anticipated Apple announcement., which meant the unveiling of a new Apple service, iCloud. The service offers users the possibility of connecting wirelessly to other devices, such as a laptop or another smartphone, and have full access to any photos and music on the device.

If you are interested in finding out any more information on iCloud click here.

And the winner is…

We’d like to say a big thank you to The Times for awarding our TurboCharger 5000 4 out of 5 stars in this weeks edition of In Gear  (05/06/11). The TurboCharger came out on top and was named “Best for portability”.


USB TurboCharger 5000 – External Battery Pack & Emergency charger for iPad , iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, HTC, MP3, PDA and more..

The Proporta USB TurboCharger 5000 is a compact, high powered rechargeable battery which charges from any standard USB port and stores an impressive 5000 mAh, allowing you to charge and recharge most leading mobile devices – including your Apple iPad, iPhone 4/3G S/3G, Apple iPod, BlackBerry, most digital cameras, your HTC, Nintendo DS Lite, GPS navigation device, Sony Ericsson, Nokia and lots of other gadgets.


Chris’ photography…

If you’re a fan of photography you should definatley take a look at Chris Casson’s website. Not only is he customer services king here at Proporta, but he’s also a dab hand at taking pictures, which is why so many bands have asked him to take gig photos for them. Chris says that although he loves doing gig photography, he also likes taking artisitc pictures and therefore would like to submit them to shows and exhibitions.

Click here to check out his website.

Click here to become a fan of Chris Casson Photograpy.

Who you gonna call…

For all of you out there who adored the Ghostbusters and wished you could have a proton pack this could be right up your street. ..