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Talking dogs…

When it comes to YouTube you can watch video clips of pretty much anything you like and can imagine. Yet the some of the most popular videos that get posted are home videos of babies and animals. Our latest fave in the office was provided to us by Lynnette and is a video of a talking dog. We just wish we could get Darwin to do this!

Click here to watch the video.

Charge your smartphone at festivals using the power of music…

If you’re at Glastonbury this weekend or heading off to any other festivals this summer you could find this interesting. Orange have unveiled a t-shirt that can be used to charge smartphones by harnessing the power of sound and it’s being trialed at Glasto. In the future this could mean that you may never be caught short with a flat battery whilst watching your favourite band. Click here to read the article.

New and improved Proporta BeachBuoy…

Proporta, the Brighton based gadget and mobile device accessory manufacturer is pleased to announce some new, and rather nifty improvements to the BeachBuoy Waterproof Case.

Crafted from a more durable material, the BeachBuoy now offers even better protection, and has four handy eyelets allowing you to attach the case to a bike (perfect for using GPS in the saddle), or to tie it to your sunlounger for extra peace of mind.


BeachBuoy Waterproof Case – £14.95

Keeping your valuables safe and dry when you’re out and about has always been a challenge – whether you’re worried about your iPod getting splashed whilst you’re by the pool, or your phone getting drenched by an unseasonal shower. The Proporta BeachBuoy Waterproof Case offers the perfect solution to all these problems, protecting your devices from water, sand and sticky fingers and even allowing you to carry them with you to a depth of up to 5 metres.

Available from

The power of radio…

There are so many different ways of generating and harvesting energy these days, from nuclear power plants right down to wind farms and the use of solar panels. One of the latest ways on the market is through the use of radio waves and company Renesas Electronics Corp have taken full advantage of this to produce wireless baby sensors that don’t require a battery.


Click here to read more.


Thank you to Hiran for today’s contribution to the blog.

Calling all Angry Birds fans…

Are you one of these people who could spend hours at a time playing Angry Birds? The overall concept of the game is pretty straightforward: flick a little bird into some pigs. Yet the game has taken the world by storm, to the extent that T-Mobile have now created a real-life version of the game in Barcelona.


Click here to watch the video.


Who’s round it is it anyway?…

Do you always argue over who has to make the next round of tea? On Wednesday Max, Head of Logistics, decided the best way was through a competition. Max, Guy and Mike (Proporta’s Directors) and Diego (Reseller Accounts Manager) all had to adopt the plank position and the loser had to make the tea. Determination and a competitive spirit were in the air and after Max and Mike fell out of the competition Mike took up some dirty tactics to distract Diego and Guy: he put a dog treat on each of their heads in order to get Darwin to distract them.

In the end the overall winner was Diego. And we still haven’t had that round Max…


Clockwise from left: Guy, Max, Diego, Mike, Darwin.

20% off Quiksilver Neoprene MacBook and Laptop Sleeves

20% off Quiksilver Neoprene MacBook and Laptop Sleeves

Most people these days own a Laptop or MacBook – be it for work, pleasure or getting the latest celeb gossip (but certainly not re-tweeting about it) on Twitter…But it’s amazing how blasé we can be looking after these little portals to the outside world. Panic ye not. Thanks to Proporta and Quiksilver, you can now ensure that your 13” or 15” Laptop is fashionably protected, and the envy of all its mates.


Quiksilver’s legacy Echo Beach design comes in two different sizes – 13” and 15”, which can fit a number of laptops including the Apple Macbook and Macbook Pro.

Simply enter the promotion code QUIK20 at the cart page when you place your order and you’ll receive 20% off either size, or both. Enjoy.

*Please note this offer is only valid on orders placed through for these cases between18/06/2011 – 25/06/2011 Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Ben’s scratched iPhone 4…

Always wondered whether your case offers the protection it boasts? Ben, from our Product Dev. team, was dismayed to realise that after just a week out of its case his iPhone 4 developed a scratch from an unidentified object. Silly Ben. If your phone’s suffered from a similar fate let us know and we’ll give the best pic a free case of your choice. (And no, please don’t damage it on purpose as that’ll just make us, and your phone, feel bad).


Something to cheer you up on a rainy Monday…

Back to work on a Monday and the weather is grey and dreary, not what you want when you think its actually June! But don’t let it get you down in the dumps. Hiran, our Amazon Hero over in Sri Lanka, found this great video of a technology-based magic trick using 3 iPod touchs. Click here to watch it.

Queen Elizabeth’s iPad 2…

Here at Proporta we got quite excited when we heard through the grapevine the the Queen now has her very own iPad 2. Naturally, our thoughts wandered to how she’s going to protect it and we decided with a custom-designed Proporta pouch. So, design guru Graham set to work on designing something for HRH,  something classy that reflects her personality and the things she loves. Here’s what he’s come up with.

The pouch is made from purple leather, with the Queen’s emblem embossed onto the front and tag, and a corgi-print lining. Please note: we will not be producing any of these pouches. This picture and blog post are purely for fun.