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New photos of our Lalita range in action

As most of you are probably already aware we fairly recently launced a range of fashion-fabulous cases in collaboration with the very stylish Lalita Vintage.

Check out the new photos that Lalita have shot via Lalita’s website.

Lalita Retro Lifestyle shot iphone 4s case iphone 4 caseLalita Retro Lifestyle shot iphone 4s case iphone 4 case

We’d also like to say a big thank you to Lalita for all of the help and support at the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham at the beginning of the month.

Win £15, 15€ or $20 worth of Proporta Gift Vouchers

What’s the worst Christmas present you’ve been given this year? Let us know and you could win one of five Proporta gift vouchers worth £15, 15€ or $20 for the most miserable, miserly or mean gifts received. With our fab vouchers you could then buy yourself an iPhone 4S case, Samsung Galaxy protective case, or even a Kindle cover.

And now the boring stuff: In order to be in with a chance of winning one of five Proporta gift vouchers worth either £15, 15€ or $20 you need to be a fan or follower of us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and let us know what the worst Christmas gift you’ve received this year is. This competition will run from 23/12/11 to 04/01/12. The winners will be announced and notified on 05/01/12. Only one gift voucher will be given per winner for a denomination of either £15, 15€ or $20. Please note that the gift voucher can only be used for one transaction only. Judges decision is final. No cash alternatives.

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Seasons greetings from Proporta and Darwin

Now that we’re well and truly into the festive season and Christmas is fast approaching (3 sleeps until Christmas day) there’s a jolly atmosphere in the office.  Even Darwin is getting into the spirit of things.


Festive Darwin Christmas Proporta

Merry Chrismas everyone, from the Proporta team.

Every Apple Product Ever Made…

Apple is one of the pioneers of the modern age, revolutionising modern mobile technology. Whether its the Apple iPad 2 or MacBook Air you cannot say that Apple haven’t changed the modern world.

When doing some research we came across this very fascinating diagram to show just how many products Apple has made and the evolution of their products over the years.

Hope you enjoy…

Siri, a month on… The good, the bad and the funny

Siri, a month on… The good, the bad and the funny

So, after a month of Siri plummeting into our lives with a much welcomed bump, we review just whether or not he (yes, we’ve decided he’s a he) has become a help or a hindrance in our day-to-day lives.


The good…

Generally, Siri makes life easier. I know this’ll probably shock many of you, but did you know that you used to have to go into a calendar and actually physically type in an invite using your fingers? Now you just need to lift your phone to your ear, tell Siri to do it and he’ll take care of the rest. Actually, this may sound pretty trivial and spark cries of “what’s the world coming to?” and you may indeed have a point, but it’s pretty frightening how quickly having to input all this manually becomes a chore once you realise that you don’t have to… And it’s not like you see people carrying around two yoghurt pots and a piece of string in their back pockets anymore do you?



The bad…

Although there’s bound to be an updated version on its way and this was given to us with a slight mutter of the word “Beta” under breath, Siri can be a bit of a pain in the wotsit sometimes and although for the main part he makes life easier, we’d be lying if we said you won’t have at least one moment when you want to wipe that little smile off his face and send him to the naughty step. Here are a few examples:  



And the funny…

But, all is forgiven when Siri gives us little gems such as the below:





Proporta Builds for BlackBerry


Aluminium Lined Leather Case for BlackBerry Torch 9810


Wednesday 9th November 2011, Brighton, England

Proporta, the Brighton based mobile device and gadget accessory manufacturer is delighted to announce its new range of cases for the Blackberry Curve 9350 / 9360 / 9370, BlackBerry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry Torch 9810.

These new products are the first fruits of Proporta’s involvement in the Built for Blackberry programme, which enables them to have access to the latest BlackBerry models before they are released to the press or public, in order to have the time to develop and perfect the design and function of its accessories.

                                         (Skeleton)                                                                     (Butterflies)

Lynnette Prigmore, Head of Product at Proporta comments, “With a solid customer base among business users, Proporta has recently seen a dramatic growth in products aimed at the fashion and youth markets, which creates an obvious synergy with BlackBerry. We are delighted to be accepted into the program and look forward to working much more closely with the prestigious Blackberry brand in the future. On a personal note it is also really exciting to be able to transfer our more unique designs to a wider range of devices. Something we think our customers will be really pleased about.”

                        Protective Hard Shell Case for                                     Aluminium Lined Leather Case

                         BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9930                                       for BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9930



The Built For BlackBerry programme gives confidence to the BlackBerry customer that these accessories are made specifically for the BlackBerry device that they are using. All the accessories have been tested to ensure proper fit, performance and quality.

Additionally, as a Built For BlackBerry member, Proporta has access to pre-release device information meaning that Proporta is able to time its BlackBerry accessories with device launches, enabling them to launch products much sooner than would otherwise be possible.       

what are our favorite Proporta products…and why?

Over the past week in the office we have been asking the question ‘ What is your favourite Proporta products and why?’

We asked everyone one from the guys in the warehouse to Guy our Managing Director what cases and items they liked and we have a very broad response, a few classics were in there but a few cheeky supervises slipped in there as well.


Have a read and see what you think, maybe it is the same as you? If it is we would love to hear from you…

Marta G – USB TurboCharger 5000

I love this product because it means that I never run out of power during my travels

Chris C – Doodle Pad Hard Shell Case for iPhone 4/4S

Creative, funny design – I remember doing drawing like that when I was a kid on note books etc. It’s more a nostalgic case which I like.

Nick H – BeachBuoy Waterproof case

If only I’d had one with me this summer when I was on the beach and a freak wave wiped out my iPhone4 in an instant. I have now bought one!

Lynnette P – My favourite Proporta product is the Ted Baker Kindle Case.

It has a really nice faux-croc design on the outside and a lovely rose print lining. I always get lots of “oohs and aaaahs” on the train whenever I use it. It’s also got a document holder that’s really handy when travelling (it’s housed many a plane ticket) and the book style means that I can still assume my normal reading position even though I’m now down wiv da kidz.

Stephanie S – Ted Baker Hard Shell Case (Garden Print)

I love the design and the quality of the case. Piece of art.

Ben T – GadgetBag

This is my favourite product because it is very handy when on the move and can store lots of valuables such as my iPhone, wallet and any other valuables I may have on me. Lightweight and stylish too.

Guy M – BeachBuoy Waterproof Case

Pure genius!

Nick W – My favourite product is the Profile Case for the iPhone 3G/3GS.

I bought one for my girlfriend, and it’s really tough and sturdy, so she can drop it to her hearts content without fear. She used to have a case from someone else that wore out after a year, but I have a feeling this one will last a lot longer.

Graham B – Aluminium Lined Leather Pouch for iPhone / Smartphone

Perfect for my needs, sleek, stylish and very strong.

Neil M – Hard Shell Case for Samsung Galaxy S2

Soft touch gives this a great feel in the hands I even think the colours great.

Diego A – USB Turbocharger 5000

think is the most portable and versatile of our accessories AND it can also be recharged easily by USB anywhere.

Hiran M – Proporta Smart Recycled Leather Pouch Apple iPhone 4S

ECO Friendly, innovative in the way it uses bamboo sheet and stylish.

Gary R – Turbocharger backpack for iPhone 4/4S

Protection and power in one.

Debbie I – BeachBuoy Waterproof Case

I really think the BeachBuoy is a life-saver. I took it on my last holiday and it protected my iPod from the salty water and the sunshine (oh those halycon days). But, most importantly, it protected this device from the sticky mitts of my two children. Oh, and as the sun went down it doubled as a vessel for an ice-cold beer.

Max D – My favourite product is the USB TurboCharger 5000

as I can’t live without my iPod and BlackBerry, and now they’re never short of power.

Sarah S – Shine case for iPad 2

The vibrant colours and bold patterns make this case stand out from the crowd.



and the winner is…Samsung

Figures released today in UK shows that sales of Samsung handsets have passed Apple to own more of the market in Q3, which runs from July-September.


Samsung now own 23.8% of the market to Apple’s 14.6% and in third place in Nokia with 14.4%  of the market. In Q3 Samsung sold 27.8 million units compared to Apple’s 17.1 million units.


With all these handsets out Proporta has it covered (literally) with our extensive ranges of cases and accessories for both the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Apple iPhone 4S as well as older models as well.


In the office today we have run a quick questionnaire into which mobile phones each us have, the findings look slightly biased however it’s a great range.


BlackBerry Curve – one
BlackBerry Torch  – one
BlackBerry Bold 2 – one
iPhone 3GS  – one
iPhone 4 – four
iPhone 4S  – One
HTC Desire HD – one
HTC Google Nexus 1 – one
HTC Desire S – one
HTC Wildfire – one
Samsung Galaxy Ace – one
Samsung Google Nexus S – one
Other – two

Pretty interesting don’t you think?


Already in Q4 the battle to be the best selling handset will really hot up, with Christmas round the corner who is going to win….?


here’s a sneak peek at Spreaker…


Here’s a sneak peek at another new app before it goes into the App Store. Spreaker, which is a very streamlined app that does for audio what Twitter does for text and YouTube does for video — makes it extremely easy to share content across social networks.

With Spreaker, you can broadcast live radio right from your mobile.  Anyone can create content and broadcast it instantly to one’s Facebook page, or listen later as a podcast. In addition to being a cool app, Spreaker also boasts a robust backend website that allows you to do much more interesting and fun things, like adding studio sound effects and background music to your productions.

An adhoc version of the app for iPhone is available for download from TestFlight here and it’ll be in the App Store next week, and on Android immediately thereafter.

Promo video here – have a look.



This will be the next big thing, watch out facebook and twitter…there’s a new sheriff in town.



Proporta’s USB TurboCharger 5000 wins a Recombu award…

Last night Proporta was lucky enough to be invited to the first annual Recombu awards ceremony in London as the USB TurboCharger 5000 was nominated in the “Best Mobile Accessory” catagory. Overall there were 13 awards up for grabs, with prize winners being the likes of Samsung Galaxy SII (Best Smartphone),  BBC iPlayer (Best Mobile App) and Facebook (Best Social Networking App). Other nominees for the Best Mobile Accessory included Orange’s Sound Charge T-Shirt, the Wacom Bamboo Stylus and the Griffin Beacon, but the winner was (drumroll please), the Proporta USB TurboCharger 5000. Thank you very much Recombu!

Proporta USB TurboCharger 5000 - Recombu Award 2011

This ridiculously handy product allows you to recharge your mobile devices on the move again and again. It features one Mini USB input port and two USB output ports. This allows the option of charging two devices simultaneously. Simply plug any USB/micro USB powered gadget (including your Apple iPad, iPhone 4/3G S/ 3G, Apple iPod, BlackBerry, most digital cameras, GPS units and mobile phones) into the USB TurboCharger’s standard USB port and it’ll keep even the most power hungry devices juiced up and ready to go.

To read about the other award winner visit the Recombu website.