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Expecto Patronum

Finding a video advertisement in a traditional paper may sound trippy but it might become a common feature in the not-so distant future.

A chip technology similar to the one used in greeting cards is being used to store a video and will start as soon as the page is turned.

Programmes from American TV network giant CBS and a Pepsi advert are one of the first-ever clips to appear in the September 18th editions of Entertainment Weekly distributed in Los Angeles and New York.

BBC correspondent Rajesh Mirchandani said that due to the increasingly competitive market creating attention for a product is more important than ever. He compared the technology to the Daily Prophet – a newspaper with moving pictures like the ones featured in Harry Potter movies.

However, digital technology in magazines is not as new as you might think – last year men´s lifestyle magazine Esquire introduced e-ink technology – the same which is used in Sony Reader and Amazon Kindle e-books – for flashing animations.

Coming soon to a home near you – The Google tricycle

Google has been using car-mounted cameras to map streets in the United States and around the world. However, because of narrow roads and other inaccessible areas the internet search giant has been unable to film specific parts of villages and towns.

To get around this problem a bike has been developed – mounted with a 360 degree Street View camera like the car version. The so-called Google Trike consists of no less than three bicycle wheels and a mounted Street View camera. An impressive 250 pounds in weight means that it requires a “specially trained super fit” rider.

It has now sent pedal-powered cameras to the United Kingdom, where they’ll point their lenses towards a slew of famous British landmarks.

Happy Birthday Internet Explorer :)

The world’s most popular browser Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was launched 15 years ago today.

The first version of the browser, Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer) 1, debuted on August 16, 1995. It was based on Mosaic, a web browser Microsoft had licensed from a company called Spyglass Inc. Starting with version 3.0, Microsoft started bundling Internet Explorer with Windows (Windows), thus increasing its market share dramatically.

Despite it squeezing once dominant browser Netscape Navigator out of the market completely Internet Exporer’s market dominance waned slightly due to the rise of popularity of Firefox , a free, open source browser which was launched in 2004.

According to the latest data from Net Applications, Internet Explorer now has a combined market share of 60.74% and Firefox is at 23.75%, followed by Chrome (Chrome), Safari (Safari), Opera (Opera) and others.

Internet Exporer 9 is scheduled to be launched at an event in San Francisco on September 15.

Rumours have surfaced about a PlayStation phone powered by Android

Sony Ericsson could be bringing out a PlayStation and Xperia branded phone powered by Android 3.0, if the rumours are correct.

Sony Ericsson is working on a hybrid mobile phone and gaming device that is a cross between the Samsung Captivate and PSP Go. It is believed to include a landscape slider complete with PSP-like controls, a touchpad in place of the joystick, a 3.7”-4.1” screen, a 5 megapixel camera and a 1GHz Snapdragon processor.

March was the first time we heard such rumours about a gaming phone which was supposed to have resulted from the collaboration of Sony’s PlayStation brand and it’s Sony Ericsson phone division. However, we haven’t heard that it would run on Google’s Android OS before.

Engadget’s sources say that the device will run the 3.0 operating system, codename Gingerbread. It will run standard Android apps and will also include a marketplace just for Android-based games, especially ones that use the phone’s PSP-like controls.

Look out for this device to be announced later on this year.

New Android Smartphone from AT&T and Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson and AT&T are working together on a new Android “superphone,” dubbed the Xperia X10 one that promises to be all things to all people — including heavy communicators, social media junkies and audio/video consumers.

The device features feature an 8.1 megapixel camera, up to 32GB of memory, a 4-inch screen and a 1GHz processor,.

The specific version of Android on which the device will be run is yet to be confirmed, Android 2.1 or the much-coveted 2.2.

Part of the phone’s software is Mediascape, which can access images, video and music content from the web, as well as from the device, for a more integrated viewing and sharing experience. Users can “view photos taken on the device as well as [their] Facebook and Picasa (Picasa) web albums,” reads a statement about the device. “Or, when listening to a favorite song on their phone[s], [users can] press Sony Ericsson’s infinite button to access related content about the artist pulled from the phone’s memory as well as albums, songs and video content from YouTube (YouTube) and search results from Google (Google),” it explains.

Another software feature is Timescape, which creates a chronological interface for social updates and actions. It draws data from Facebook (Facebook), Twitter (Twitter), photo sites, e-mail accounts, SMS messages and more. Items can be viewed in a scrolling menu, or the user can see a screen of all updates and communications from a single user or source.

The Xperia X10 will be available in the USA beginning 15th August.

Proporta competition winner has a ball at Boardmasters

Last week Proporta gave our Facebook and Twitter followers the chance to win hospitality tickets to the Boardmasters festival in the beautiful Fistral Beach area of Newquay.

The lucky Winner was Darren Keirle. He kindly took some photos of his access all areas trip, where he was also sporting an eco-friendly Hessian pouch for iPhone from Proporta 🙂

Darren loved every minute of it : “We took full advantage of the free bar at the hospitality tent, which to be honest had a better vibe than the majority of clubs I’ve been to. Most were popping out to watch a bit of music or soak up some atmosphere and then returning to party it up in there. Something like 14 units later I woke up back in my hotel room unscathed so I can only assume a great night. Still feeling squiffy now with random flashbacks of waltzers, doughnuts and lots of dancing.”

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We’re delighted you had such a fab time Darren 🙂

The biggest Apple store ever to open in London this weekend

Apple is set to open a “Disneyland” for Apple fans tomorrow in Covent Gardens.

Following the success of the Regent Street store, which is the most successful globally, with more customers and profits than its shops on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, Apple has chosen the British capital to set its largest store ever.

The new outlets features several new rooms and services such as the ‘start-up room’ where customers can get their devices up and running before leaving, a room for gadgets where customer will be able to attend workshops and presentations and, of course, a genius bar.

The store was build in a 19th century building, respecting its premise of working around the building’s original architecture, this will be the Apple store to feature the least amound of Apple branding. Elegantly-looking brick and stone building in the shadow of one of London’s busiest public venues, the very wide front of the store has a spiral glass staircase to the right, and a series of wood display tables with architectural surprises overhead.

It is the computer company’s 300th store and forms part of a list of new outlets, which includes those in Shanghai, Chicago and Paris.

RIM and AT&T Unveil “The Best BlackBerry Device Ever”

BlackBerry and AT&T have introduced the BlackBerry Torch, a smartphone that AT&T’s President and CEO of Mobility and Consumer Markets Ralph de la Vega calls “the best BlackBerry device ever.”

The device features both a touch screen and slide out keyboard and is the first smartphone from RIM that uses a webkit browser. It has been described as the first “touch qwerty slider” for BlackBerry by RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis.

The device is the first BlackBerry to ship with version 6 of the company’s operating system and has a 5 mega pixel camera with flash.

Click here to watch a short video detailing the extensive features of “the best BlackBerry device ever.”