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iPad Competitor…from Apple

It’s all about the iPad at the moment, or possibly the iPhone 4 and all its problems, but sneaking up under the radar is something that you’d be forgiven for having forgotten that Apple do at all – a laptop. There’s rumours that a new, smaller, thinner (happier, more productive) MacBook Air is on it’s way, and there’s a sneaking suspicion that it might just prove the best competition yet to the iPad.

But it’s not clear cut. The current MacBook Air has not exactly set the market alight, because although it beats the iPad in almost every specification (apart from battery life), the exorbitant price tag puts it out of the reach of all but the most dedicated follower of Apple fashion. The new MacBook Air, however, promises longer life, a size and weight comparable to the iPad and a lower price tag.

Of course, to call it a competitor is in some ways misleading. If you’re looking for something just to check your email, browse the web, or watch media content on the way to work, then the iPad is always going to be for you. If you want something with a bit more oomph to it, however, capable of multitasking, and more high powered computing, then the new MacBook Air will be perfect for you – especially as it will be ludicrously small for such a potent machine, and as with all Apple products, almost indecently good looking.

Ultimately it might just come down to the price. Either way, it’s exciting news, or possibly just another thing to be highly jealous of when someone whips one out on the train.

Top 5 Tablets

With all the hype about the iPad, you’d think that the tablet PC market was all sewn up. Or, at least, Steve Jobs’ Jedi style reality filter would have you believe so.

But there is an awful lot of competition out there, from existing tablets, and those that are still to come. Trying to identify a top 5 is an almost impossible task, what with every manufacturer trying to trumpet their own creation, and every geek in the world arguing for their favourite, and equally vehemently against the ones they can’t stand.

So, in the spirit of public service, Proporta would like to offer a little, very unscientific survey of some that could qualify for a top 5.

Notion Ink Adam – Being touted as a realistic challenger to the iPad, this impressive little number boasts Pixel Qi screen integration and display, 16GB or 32GB solid state drive, built in camera, wi-fi and 3G running Android. Not officially released yet, it promises to be a proper contender, and definitely looks the part. There are also rumours it’ll have twice the battery life of the iPad. Watch this space.

HP Windows 7 Slate Tablet – Another hotly anticipated new kid on the block, is HP’s Slate Tablet. All specs remain rumours, but at the moment it’s predicted to come in a 32 and 64GB model, with an 8.9” screen, SD card reader, and 2 built in cameras (VGA front camera for video calling and a 3 mega pixel camera on the back for pictures). The OS will be a HP touch optimised UI, based on Windows 7 Premium, and if the promo videos are to be believed, it will be pretty slick. There’s some concern that this may have been shelved since HP took over Palm, but all indications are, at the moment, that it will be released later in the year.

Exo PC Slate – The Exo PC has won rave reviews in many quarters, with the capacitive touchscreen and custom software layer on top of Windows 7 getting particular praise from With an 11” screen, VGA Webcam, 1.6GHz Intel Atom N450 processor and HD playback, it’s both powerful and pretty.

Dell Latitude XT2 – On the market for a while now, the Dell Latitude XT2 is a business focused convertible tablet, with a 12.1” touchscreen that was rated as one of the best around… at least before the pesky iPad came along. The screen is bright and crisp, the device works equally well in tablet and laptop guise, and it’s happy with a stylus or just your finger. A bit pricey, but a solid, proven performer.

Archos 7 – The Archos 7 is definitely the budget model of choice. Retailing for little over £100, it is compellingly cheap, but not cheap looking or feeling. With a 7” screen and weighing about half the amount of the iPad, it’s portable and pretty. It runs Android 1.5, which makes for good browsing, and whilst techies will have issues with the outdated OS, and the lack of access to the Android store, the less fussy shopper will find a cheap option that does everything they could want it to. The built in kickstand also makes for easy viewing.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know…

Home cinema… but not for amateurs

Sanyo’s snappily titled PLV-HF10000L projector is their latest home cinema offering, but it is definitely no toy for the gadget hungry amateur. With a whopping 10,000 lumens brightness, a contrast ratio of 3000:1, and the integrated edge blending function to tally up images for huge projection, this is a serious piece of kit. So whilst the impressively small little blighter is officially marketed as for the home, in reality it’s scope is much broader than that, with events, business presentations and schools definitely being part of the target audience.

It boasts a native 2k resolution, features QuaDrive technology, and whilst no price has been set as yet, it’s likely to set you back more than £1,000. Which to be fair, is pretty reasonable given the punch it packs, it’s size, and the robustness it claims for itself.

So if you fancy one, it might be worth knocking down that wall or building the extension that would give you the space you need to justify setting up a home cinema with this baby involved. It’s not out until November, so you’ve got the time…

A new contender to enter the tablet arena?

Unofficial reports have surfaced that, hot on the heels of the Apple iPad, Blackberry is to unveil a new tablet device.

The device is expected to to be smaller and thinner than the iPad with an 8.9 inch screen and is expected to be fully compatible with Blackberry OS.

This is not the first time Blackberry has followed Apple’s lead, following the iPhone with the BlackBerry Storm and changing BlackBerry OS 6.0 to include a Cover Flow-like media player and other touch-friendly elements. [via BBLeaks]

It would also sport both a 3G connection and Wi-Fi and may sync with a BlackBerry smartphone.

It’s thought that Blackberry will be unveiling their new device sometime in 2011.

BBC Radio loves our Shine Case too :)

Say goodbye to textbook leather cases for your iPhone girls… It’s not often that a case is just as desirable as the gadget or device it’s housing. However, the new Shine Case for your Apple iPhone 4 from Proporta manages the trick in fine style.

A sleek high gloss patent leather exterior is available in red, blue and black, fits like a glove and looks as stylish as can be.

But it’s inside that the Shine Case really comes into its own. An internal mirror makes it the ideal accessory – whether you want to check your make up before a night out or that all important business meeting (or see how bad your hangover face is on the way to work). And for a stylish yet subtle twist, the mirror is framed with a choice of lining – nautical stripes, floral or zebra print.

click here to listen to a brief review of the Shine Case on London Radio.

Proporta teams up with Little Red Rooster PR Agency

Here at Proporta we love all things techy but in particular we love to raise awareness of our award winning accessories so we approached gadget loving PR Guru Victoria Shortt at Little Red Rooster as she is renowned for her extensive knowledge of PR and established relationships with key contacts in our industry.

This meeting of like minds began back in April when we were launching our new range of eco friendly accessories and more recently on a retained basis for products such as the BeachBuoy and currently our range of Shine Cases for the iPhone 4.

To celebrate our ongoing partnership we sent out presents to a selection of our favourite UK journalists – a postcard from Proporta’s Brighton HQ and a special gift – either a Turbocharger 3400, BeachBuoy, Digital Camera Case or a set of Proporta’s famous ‘Twisted’ speakers. We hope you liked our gifts – we would love to hear what you think.

We are thrilled to be working with such a passionate, experienced and committed agency and look forward to the coming months – keep your eyes peeled for future announcements. If you want to hear more about Proporta you can keep in contact with us on Twitter and Facebook.


16th July, Brighton, UK: Sygic and Proporta today announce the start of a strategic partnership which sees the appointment of Brighton-based Proporta as Sygic’s exclusive distributor for retail market in United Kingdom and Ireland for its award-winning Mobile Maps range of navigation software for mobile phones.

Sygic, based in Bratislava, Slovakia, develops and sells turn-by-turn voice guided GPS navigation for a wide range of mobile phones, available in multiple languages. Its latest Mobile Maps 10 supports Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile OSs, with the most up-to-date digital maps covering the whole of Europe..

Guy Monson, Proporta’s Managing Director commented “Proporta has been looking to diversify its product portfolio beyond our traditional strength of cases and other physical accessories. Distributing world-class GPS software is a major step for us to achieve this, and Sygic have impressed us with their determination to establish themselves in this burgeoning market.”

Michal Stencl, Sygic Founder and CEO said “The UK is a key market for us and we are delighted to partner with Proporta, whose reputation in providing quality products within the mobile phone sector is second to none.”

Proporta will initially be bringing two Sygic products to market: Mobile Maps 10 Europe (RRP £69.95) and Mobile Maps 10 UK & Ireland (RRP £39.95). It will be developing UK retail sales in close association with Brightpoint GB, with whom Proporta has established a strong partnership in the mobile phone sector. ENDS

For further information contact:

Rosie Swaffer, Proporta:

Anna Hurbanic, Sygic:

About Sygic

Sygic develops, markets and sells innovative, location-based products and turn-by-turn voice-guided GPS navigation software. Sygic applications are present across more than 200 types of devices and operating systems, including iPhone, Symbian, Maemo, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Windows XP/Vista and Linux. Sygic works with map industry leaders to ensure excellent mapping support in all regions of the world, and cooperates with leading PND and mobile phone manufacturers globally.
Sygic and the Sygic logo are registered trademarks of Sygic

About Proporta

Key Features and Benefits

Includes all latest maps across whole of Europe
Supports 7 digit postal codes in the UK
Includes latest safety cameras, speed limits, railway crossings for enhanced safety
Clear road signs and lane assistant
Automatic day and night vision mode
User interface and voice guide available in 30 languages
Contains millions of Points of Interest (option to call, navigate, nearby parking)
Multi-stop route planning option
Avoid traffic blocks with single click
Save and organise favourites
Customisable navigation screen

PEF 2010

A while back, Proporta set up its very own charity in Sri Lanka helping children who can’t afford to go to school. We do keep it pretty quiet but in actual fact we’re very proud. You can read all about it here.

We have just selected the 2010 entries and thought you might like to see a few of the pics of the successful kids and have a little “awwww” at their sweet faces.

Ananthan Tharagan


I. Raveendran-Vaanmathi

What are you using your iPad for?

Resolve Market Research has just completed a comprehensive online study that looks at how the iPad is being used, how the iPad is impacting other technology devices like e-readers, portable gaming consoles and netbooks and how users perceive the iPad both before and after owning the device.

The iPad has primarily been positioned as a device to browse the web, watch video and read content so the study has some interesting, and in some cases surprising, results.

One of the most surprising parts of Resolve’s study, was that 37% of respondents who owned or were planning to own an iPad said that it would be their first Apple product.

The study also revealed that 55% of iPad owners or would-be owners see the device as a very expensive toy, or luxury item rather than a necessity.

As has been the way with the mobile phone, MP3 player and laptops, it is looking like tablet devices will also become must-have rather than luxury items.

Look after your iPhone 4 in style with Proporta

The new iPhone is a predictably sexy little number, and Proporta is just as excited about it as everyone else. And in order to celebrate this latest edition of the iPhone, Proporta has produced an exclusive new range of cases.

Whatever takes your fancy, there’s something here for you.

Great news for anyone suffering from the reported antenna issues, Proporta have discovered that the Antimicrobial Silicone Case actually stops the reception problem. Crafted from a super tough silicone skin with SteriTouch (Apple iPhone 4) guards against scratching and impact damage, whilst an antimicrobial coating protects against germs and bacteria.This stylish and lightweight case doesn’t just look after your iPhone 4 – it looks after you as well.

The Shine Case is handcrafted from the finest quality patent leather and comes in three colours with contrasting luxurious lining and features an internal mirror so that you can make sure you’re always looking as good as your iPhone.

The Aluminium Lined Leather Case features Proporta’s trademark ‘Screensaver System’, with a sheet of lightweight, aircraft grade aluminium to guard against crushing and impact damage.

Check out for the rest of our new iPhone 4 range, and don’t forget that many of Proporta’s classic range of cases and accessories, such as the Maya pouch, the Proporta Smart cases or the Advanced Screen Protector are also perfect for the new iPhone 4. So whatever you need to keep your lovely new iPhone safe, sound and beautiful, look no further – Proporta has it covered.

Coming soon: The Adaptive iPhone Shell that is made of super-tough clear plastic, doubles as a media stand and lets you personalise your device however you want, and you’ve got a truly impressive range of accessories to keep your iPhone looking gorgeous.