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Tonnes of New Techie Fun at CES 2010

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the biggest technology related trade shows in the world, with countless exciting previews and new products announced every year. Notable items announced at this event include everything from the DVD (1996) and the Xbox (2001), to Tetris (1988) and Pong (1975). Held in the always understated Las Vegas, this year’s conference did not disappoint, with a host of new gadgets, gizmos and so forth on show to set tongues wagging.


Highlights included: the Sony Vaio I all in one with 24” HD touchscreen; the world’s thinnest laptop (Dell Adamo XPS); Microsoft’s Bleo Reader – an e-bookshop with over 1 million text books to choose from; a preview of the HP Slate; and gameplay video from the forthcoming games Halo Reach and Mass Effect 2. But the highlight for many journalists was the Intel Infoscape exhibition, which featured two 7 foot screens showing 576 cubes hooked up to 20,000 info sources including 20+ live video feeds. Visitors could touch any of the cubes to bring up info boxes, and the whole thing was reminiscent enough of Minority Report (or perhaps, given the location, CSI) to make for a “spectacular” demo.

So, nothing that’s immediately obvious as game-changing, but pretty impressive nonetheless. And with over 2,500 exhibitors at the event, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll own something that was shown here sometime over the next year or two. Although it’s doubtful that’ll be your very own Minority Report style computer for the living room…


The World’s Most Expensive Handwarmer

It’s snowy, it’s icy, and yet you still need to use your mobile. For ordinary mortals this involves awkward fumbling to remove gloves and frostbitten knuckles by the time you’ve finished, but for iPhone users out there, a new app offers a slightly bizarre solution. For as Britain shivers in the coldest winter since the ‘80s, the Pocket Heat app comes to save your poor little mitts from the big freeze. By using the iPhone’s resource management processes, the app forces the internal components into high capacity so that the phone overheats, and keeps your hands toasty. It kills the battery, apparently, but does a wonderful job keeping you warm.

Pocket Heat

So, if you absolutely have to send that text or e-mail and can’t wait until you get inside, this “cold weather utility” is here to make life that little bit easier. It sounds fairly ridiculous, it has to be said, and potentially damaging to the device, but someone, somewhere will buy it, that’s for sure, even if, according to one internet comment, “anyone who is stupid enough to install this shouldn’t have an iPhone at all”. Genius or stupidity? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

UK in the snow

Look at this image. It’s cool.


Fun in the snow

It was a joyful day when the snow hit Brighton the day before most of us left to go home for the holidays.

Click here to see what fun went on…

Proporta’s youngest customer?

Over the past few years, the Apple iPhone has taken the world by storm. And not just by grown ups it seems. Baby Alby (our Amanda’s little boy) is the latest convert to the Apple iPhone market. We’re not sure whether it’s the squillions of apps he’s interested in or if he just likes to stay on top of his Facebook updates, but rest assured he’ll be left germ free as it’s conveniently been covered in a Proporta Anti-Microbial Silicone Case.