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Free Navigation Worldwide from Nokia

Nokia caused a bit of a stir last week by announcing its new free navigation service. Unlike the recently unveiled Google service that’s limited to the US, Nokia reckon its version will cover 20 million Smartphones worldwide. It’s offering free turn-by-turn navigation in 74 countries and 46 languages, with Ovi Maps available in 180 countries, and traffic updates on offer in 10. On top of that you can get safety camera warnings and pedestrian only shortcuts in 100 cities around the globe.

All in all, it’s a seriously impressive offer, which will drive another nail into the coffin of the already ailing GPS market. The whole system works offline as well, which is a major bonus, as it should extend battery life and keep the navigation working even in data dead zones (and without the roaming charges). From March this year, all new Nokia GPS enabled Smartphones will come installed with the new Ovi Maps application and pre-loaded country map data, access to location aware Lonely Planet and Michelin travel guides and walk and drive navigation at no extra cost. It’s a canny move from Nokia, and looks set to secure them a major share of the location-based service market before the landscape gets too crowded.

Basically, you need never get lost, or buy a map again. It’s quite a thought, and the fact that Nokia have suddenly decided to offer all this for free sets an interesting precedent. How will other providers respond? We’ll just have to wait and see…

Another one for Apple

You’ve probably heard that the new iPad from Apple was announced last night in California.

It looks just as good as we’d imagined as you can see here…

Here’s a few of its features:

Height: 9.56 inches (242.8 mm)

Width: 7.47 inches (189.7 mm)

Depth: 0.5 inch (13.4 mm)

Weight:1.5 pounds (0.68 kg) Wi-Fi model; 1.6 pounds (0.73 kg) Wi-Fi + 3G model

Display: 9.7inch

Capacity:16GB, 32GB, or 64GB flash drive

Stay tuned in to as no doubt we’ll have some great accessories coming soon.

Happy birthday Lewis Carroll

If Lewis Carroll was alive today he would have been 178 years of age on this day. His real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, and he was an English author, mathematician, Anglican deacon and a photographer. You will know him most commonly for his famous writings, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and its sequel, Through the Looking Glass.

So let’s say a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lewis Carroll. Hip Hip Hooray.


Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

Click here for some brain pain…

What a great idea – See through toaster

We came across this on YouTube and thought it was just the best idea – a see through toaster. Why didn’t this come out years ago??

Find a promocode

Just to add a touch of spice to your life, we often hide promotion codes inside our products.

If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who ever finds one then do let us know, we’d be happy to hear from you.

iTunes and Proporta

Did you know….

You can download iTunes via Proporta?


Click on this link and see

Apple confirms Jan 27th media event to show off ‘latest creation’

Apple officially sent out invitations Monday for its expected Jan 27th event in San Francisco, where it is anticipated the company will introduce its new touchscreen tablet device.

Click here for more information on this upcoming event.

We’re famous

Look look look, we’re on TV.

Remember back in May Hannah, Lynnette and Marta went to the filming of an episode of QI? We blogged about it. Well, check out this shot from the show – they twisted the camera round to show a shot of the audience – and there we are slap bang in the middle – see if you can spot us (if you know what we look like)…


Proporta – Provider of best accessories for mobile devices

We are really pleased to announce that Proporta has won a PalmAddicts Reader Award 2009 for providing the best accessories for mobile devices. Thanks to all those who voted. What a result.