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Spotify spreads to Symbian

Well, it seems that Spotify’s increasingly successful mission to take over the world of digital music is gathering pace. Having already taken control of the way that many people listen to music at work and at home, they’re now making a substantial effort to conquer the mobile market.


By releasing its first mobile app for the Symbian platform, following successful iPhone & Android releases in August, Spotify can now be used by millions of Nokia and Sony Ericsson users wherever they are. Even better, the new app lets you use other phone functions whilst playing music, and you can sync playlists from the desktop app. Premium subscribers, who pay £9.99 a month for ad-free streams can access the new service, and whilst lots of people were content to put up with the ads so long as they didn’t have to pay, we’re betting that many more will be tempted by the prospect of mobile streaming…

Proporta is looking for affiliates

As you all know, we are a leading brand for mobile device accessories and are looking for companies to join our internal affiliate programme.

Our internal affiliate system provides many benefits including commission on every sale, so even you can start to earn some pennies if your visitors purchase from us. Please click here for more information and contact if interested.

Remember Remember the 5th November…

There is only one place in Britain to celebrate Bonfire Night — that’s Lewes in East Sussex.

On November 5th thousands of people squeeze into the small county town of East Sussex to watch Lewes’s bonfire societies march up and down the steep old streets. The costumed members (Vikings, smugglers, Zulus, Elizabethans and so on) carry burning kerosene-soaked torches — even the little kids and the parents pushing, with their free hand, babies in decorated buggies.

It is an awesome sight: black sky, rammed streets, and burning crosses and torches snaking into the distance. There are prayers in honour of Lewes’s 17 Protestant martyrs, burnt at the stake in the 16th century, after which “bonfire boys” run with burning tar barrels to Cliffe Bridge, where they toss them, flaming, into the River Ouse. The processions include fabulous, towering effigies — the Pope of 1605 is always there, along with whoever the societies choose to lampoon. Later these elaborate “enemies of bonfire” are blown up on the Downs surrounding Lewes at one of the giant firework displays and bonfires that see the night out.

Very handy for us Proportians as we live moments away, even if Lewes County Council urge people from outside the Lewes locality to celebrate in their own area. Ooops.


Orange names date for iPhone launch

The iPhone will retail in all 402 Orange shops, online, Orange HMV concessions, Carphone Warehouse, Phones4U and elsewhere.

The company has developed offers such as a free iPhone for a 24 month contract at £30 a month. The 3G and 3GS handsets will be available to Orange pay-as-you-go, pay monthly and business customers.


A number of Orange stores will celebrate the arrival of the iPhone with early opening at 7am on 10th November.

The company has seen more than a quarter of a million customers register their interest on their website.

Vodafone is also poised to start selling Apple iPhones.

Nokia Booklet 3G version 2 coming in 2010?

Nokia is busy working ahead of time on version 2 of the Nokia Booklet 3G, which hasn’t even started shipping in the US yet. Nokia’s manufacturing partner Compal is working overtime to keep up with demand for Nokia’s first Netbook.

It isn’t known yet what features the new Booklet would have, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Nokia threw one of those innovative Intel Pine Trail processors in there. The next generation Atom chips will combine CPU, graphics, and memory controllers onto a single chip which helps conserve energy. The current version of the Nokia Booklet 3G uses the Intel Atom Z530 processor which uses less energy than the Atom N270 chip found in most Netbooks. But the Z5xx series of chips tend to be slower than the N2xx processor line. Bit of technical blurb for you.

Watch this space I guess for the Nokia Booklet 3G version 2.


A charitable day for Proporta

Last Friday saw the Proporta team put their money where their mouths were and re-open the swear box. After a relatively quiet start, by lunchtime we’d made around £15 and, following a series of meetings, managed to crank it up to around £40 by the end of the day. Pretty impressive considering six people were out of the office.

Speak no evil

All money raised goes to the Proporta Education Fund, assisting underprivileged children in Sri Lanka to continue their further education. Offerings continued into the evening courtesy of a *few* Tuacas at the Robin Hood pub in Brighton, which kindly donates its profits to charity.

Proporta Bungee Brigade

Following Proporta co-Director, Guy Monson’s, plummet towards some very pointy rocks back in October last year, Lynnette (our Marketing Manager) decided she’d give it a try on the first anniversary. Last weekend saw her “fall” 220 metres (we would say jump, but her knees literally give way) off the Versazca Dam in Switzerland… the same location used in the opening scene of Golden Eye. That’s the equivalent of 22 double decker buses or 36 two storey houses with their roofs chopped off… That’s rock and roll…

See the video here

Google Wave Whips up a Storm

Well. A new Google service that combines instant messaging, email, social networking, document sharing, and god knows what else in one package. You could say this is what we’ll all be doing in six months time, or just that it sounds pretty damn exciting. And when you add that there’ll be a “monetizable wave extension store”, or iPhone style app shop to you and I, you can see why the idea of Google Wave is whipping up something of a storm.


Available at the moment only on limited invite, just like with gmail, the exclusivity is both an opportunity for Google to test out how it works, and a clever little ruse to make people even more curious. “A wave is equal parts conversation and document”, they tell us, and “a wave is live”. But whatever these things actually mean, you can guarantee that they’re grabbing the imagination, and that no matter how cynical the technophile, they all want in. Unfortunately, we’ll just have to wait and see, but you can’t tell me you’re not intrigued…

Britons to bag Amazon Kindle

It seems a new international version of the Amazon Kindle is shipping worldwide from October 19th. It will go on sale to UK customers for £175 (shipping boosting it up to £200 however).

The proof is in The Sun

Creatives grow better in the South West

Behind the scenes tour of of an award-winning creative farm, juicing process and distribution in South West England.

The South West produces some of the UK’s finest creative work (animation, web design, design, fashion, architecture….) Now you know why….nice conditions, space to breathe and opportunities with some of the best firms around.

Proof here