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Happy Birthday Mr. Fry

Proporta are huge fans of Stephen Fry and today is his 52nd birthday so all of us here would like to wish him a very lovely day and many happy returns.


The 10 Stupidest Tech Company Blunders

I came across this article and thought it was quite amusing. Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing! :o)

HTC Magic sells 1 million units

One million units of the HTC Magic have been sold – that is one hell of a lot of HTC’s. If you are one of those million people then maybe you should know that we can keep you protected with our accessories specifically designed to fit this beauty of a device.


Is Proporta about to be taken over by Swine Flu?

After weeks of cleaning door handles, scrubbing light switches and sanitising the office dog, Darwin… has Swine Flu finally got its grip on Proporta? Director, Mike Coombes, isn’t taking any chances and has decided to quarantine the Design office after Lynnette was called upon to administer Tamiflu to two of her friends this morning and has been complaining of a sore throat ever since. So far we’ve only counted two surreptitious sneezes, but it’s Graham in the background who we feel sorry for…


Faces in Places cont…

Remember our blog entry from the 29th?? Faces in Places. Well Lynnette (Proporta’s Marketing Manager) came across one in her car on the way down to Newquay last Friday. Check it out…


Max’s bit for charity

If you’re a follower of the Proporta blog you’ll know that although we’re a hardworking bunch, we sometimes like to break it up a little with a touch of the crazy. Logistics Manager, Max “Barnabus” Denyer, is well known for being able to create a smile in even the most pressurised of situations… whether it be parading as Wolverine during a statistics presentation, or donning Richie from downstairs’ mod-inspired long coat and Union Jack helmet in the run up to a new iPod launch. What Max wasn’t counting on was the rest of the office spotting an opportunity to raise some money for our charity in Sri Lanka, and chipping in to make him wear it all day. It’s all for a good cause (not to mention our amusement) Max.


No Tinsel til December!

We’re all getting used to the steady spread of Christmas into the rest of the year, as it now seems to start sometime after the back to school promotions of September, and not finish until the shops start stocking Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. Retailers, it seems, can’t get enough of tinsel and fake snow, even when there are still leaves on the trees, and with the recession still biting hard there’s no sign that this year will be any different. At Proporta, this drives us a little bit mental, but if you think Britain’s bad, as always our neighbours across the pond take things to the extreme.

In the US this year, Christmas promotions have already started for many of the major shops. Toys ‘R’ Us are advertising “Christmas” discounts with Santa reclining on the beach, KMart have got a “Christmas Lane” on their website, and Sears department stores have already got holiday grottoes installed. Some Americans think it’s great – “A bargain’s a bargain” – whilst others are taking a more bah humbug attitude, saying that the whole thing “reeks of desperation”. And we’re definitely on the humbug side – Christmas in July might be the name of a song, but that doesn’t mean we need to make it a reality.


So, here at Proporta we’d like to start a little informal campaign, called “No Tinsel til December!”. We don’t want to see anything remotely Christmassy thrust in our faces until the advent calendars are out, and we’ll be looking to continue the British tradition of getting all your presents in a mad rush on Christmas Eve. It’s the English way, and that’s why we like it. Enough is enough!