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Dial L for light

You may have noticed that, whenever you receive an email from Proporta, we kindly ask you to print the email only if absolutely necessary.

Proporta is concerned about the environment – not only have we introduced the recycling system to our office, we are also using double-sided printing in order to avoid massive accumulations of paper. Proporta is always looking for new ways to help the environment.

When it comes to recycling and environmentally friendliness we always look up to Germany. The latest trend from our mainland neighbour is light saving. In small cities such as Dörentrup or capitals such as Munich (which you might remember from your last visit to the beer festival, also known as the Oktoberfest) you can now switch on the streetlight with your mobile phone. “How is this possible?” you may ask yourself. Well, apparently nothing is impossible in the land of Lederhos´n and mouth watering sausages.*


All you need to do is to register your email address and your mobile phone number with Dial4Light. So, next time you are in Germany and find yourself walking down a dark road, in need of enlightenment, just dial the 6 digit number on the lantern. Only a few seconds later the street lamp will be switched on for 15 minutes. “What is the point of this?” we hear you say. Well, not only is it fun, it saves the environment and it saves a few quid. And who knows: this might become popular in the UK one day and you will see that the next council tax bill will for once not be increased.

*German sausages do not contain any bread

Proporta and QI

A couple of Friday’s ago a few of the Proporta team including a few outside friends travelled the distance from Brighton to London to go see the filming of QI at the London Studios in Waterloo. After an initial panic as one of the team nearly missed the train, we all got there just in the nick of time.

The line up was a funny old bunch, we had Alan Davies (of course), Rob Brydon, Jo Brand and Sean Lock and they were very very funny. Obviously not forgetting our favourite Stephen Fry, who actually gave Proporta a shout out from his iPhone, commenting on his case he had protecting it and shouting out to us to wish us a good time. It caused us great excitement as you can imagine.

Photos weren’t allowed in the studio but us naughty lot managed to sneak one in before the show started…


Hail to the Rocket Man

This 9th of June marks the 228th anniversary of the birth of George Stephenson. And whilst we are seldom in the mood to celebrate our railways these days, it is certainly worth remembering this remarkable man, and the impact he had, not only on Britain, but the world.


Although most famous for his locomotive Rocket, Stephenson’s career in steam-powered transport began much earlier. The uneducated son of illiterate parents, the young George had slowly worked his way up the ladder in various North East collieries, before his engineering skill made itself known in fixing the pit engine at Killingworth. Following his promotion to enginewright, Stephenson became an expert in steam powered machinery, designing his first locomotive in 1814, to haul coal.

In 1818 he invented a version of the miner’s safety lamp, predating the famous Humphrey Davy, who accused him of stealing the idea, by a month. But it was his work on the Stockton to Darlington railway that truly marked his place in history. This humble 25 mile line was the first steam locomotive railway ever to carry passengers, and the “Stephenson gauge” of 4 feet 8½ inches became the standard for railways, not just in Britain, but all over the world.

The success of this line led to the construction of the Liverpool to Manchester line, and Stephenson was once again heavily involved. Having completed construction of the track, he went on to win the competition for the locomotive that would run on it, and his Rocket was the centre piece of a triumphant opening for the railway. The official ceremony to launch the new line was a grand affair, attended by the Prime Minister, the Duke of Wellington and others, and began with a procession of 8 trains setting out from Liverpool. The day was marred by the death of the MP for Liverpool, William Huskisson, who was reported to be so shocked by the speed and power of these new inventions that he was struck by one of the engines and killed.

Broken device? – we got it covered

Are you an iPhone fan? Then you might be one of those people who have purchased one only to realise that you were willing to spend a fortune on this cool device but didn’t want to invest a few more quid on protection! We sincerely hope that your mobile friend is still intact and doesn’t look something like this:


If you’ve been following the news lately then you might already know that the new iPhone is just about to be released. Proporta is excited and already has the necessary protection available for you. We sincerely hope that this time you will consider giving your new digital friend the luxury that it deserves. After all, you wouldn’t jump out of a plane without a parachute. Would you?

For those of you who did not buy a case need still not worry. Proporta offers an excellent device repair service: For just £10 you can purchase our Rapid Repair Service Kit. We’ll do the rest.

We would be very happy to welcome you onto our newly designed website – just visit and choose from one of our 2500+ products.

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Samsung & Sony Face Off in the Battle of the Megapixels

The competition to see who can produce the best mobile phone camera continues apace, as both Samsung and Sony Ericsson have announced new models boasting a fairly amazing 12.1 megapixel snapper. This is higher than the vast majority of digital cameras, and although Sony were the first to show off their new baby, Samsung have nipped in with an earlier release that may steal their competitor’s thunder. The Samsung Pixon12 is expected to go on sale in Europe any time from the end of June, whilst the Sony Ericsson Satio will not be available until Q4 2009 at the earliest.


The meteoric rise in camera phone technology and usage has really hurt the camera industry over the last few years, and with these latest models offering even more impressive picture quality, it’s hard to see things changing. Whichever way you look at it, these phones pack a lot into a small package, and now the interesting thing will be to see who wins the latest battle for the megapixel market…